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Fowl Play: The Best Chicken Dishes In Delhi

21 Apr , 2016  

Fine Dine Love

There’s an old joke about ‘tandoori chicken’ being the national bird of Delhi. While it is true that a true-blue Delhiite still loves his fix of tandoori chicken, the city definitely has come a long way from its tandoori and butter chicken days. Here’s where to get your fix of good, hearty chicken in the […]

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Fishing for Compliments: 12 Gourmet Seafood Dishes in Mumbai

20 Apr , 2016  

Fine Dine Love

The sea has shaped Mumbai’s history and, in doing so, has shaped her cuisine as well. We’re a city that loves our seafood — we’re proud of every local eatery that sells spicy prawn curry, tisrya sukhe, patra ni macchi, and of course the eponymous Bombay duck, pressed flat and rawa fried. And while each […]

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10 Ways to a Makeover: Mumbai’s Unique Sandwiches

20 Apr , 2016  

Fine Dine Love

Jam sandwich. 2 slices of white bread, butter and non-organic, grocery store-bought ‘mixed fruit’ jam — simple and far from any sort of a gourmet creation! That was the first sandwich I fixed for myself as a child while playing with my kitchen toy set. That started me on my journey of being a sandwich […]

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Gourmet Day 2.0: An Experience to Remember

19 Apr , 2016  

Expect great food and wonderful experience, no matter what restaurant you pick

If you even briefly checked your Twitter account on 15th April 2016, there’s no way you could have missed the gorgeous food pictures that food lovers from Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Bangalore had been posting under the hashtag ‘Gourmet Day’. Yours truly got in on some #GourmetDay action too! This was an initiative by WowTables […]

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Meat Overload: Mumbai’s Meatiest Steaks

19 Apr , 2016  

Ellipsis keeps it simple with their steaks, letting the flavour of quality produce shine

Where do the best steaks in Mumbai reside?  We’ve embarked on a quest to find it and destroy it, alongside our fellow carnivores. From fine dining restaurants to rustic steak houses, here are a few of the places in Mumbai with steak better than anyone else: The Classic USDA Prime Beef Tenderloin Steak at Ellipsis […]

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#WhoWantsPizza: 8 Delhi Pizzas That Promise a Trip to Foodie Heaven

18 Apr , 2016  

Fine Dine Love

Some would argue that Italy’s greatest contribution to fast food is pizza. Over the years, the pizza has evolved, imbibing local flavours or offering unique combinations that blow your mind. Soft dough baked to crispy perfection, with mouth-watering toppings and oodles of cheese, no self-respecting Dilliwallah can say no to a freshly baked slice. Here […]

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#FineDineRevolution: Gourmet Day 2.0

18 Apr , 2016  

feature FINAL

On the 16th of April 2016, #GourmetDay was trending among Indian Twitteratis. Why, you ask? Because on 15th April, WowTables celebrated their first anniversary with a bang! Gourmet Day 2.0 was successful beyond expectations, way more than the event in 2015. With as many as 150 tables up for grabs at restaurants all over the country, social […]

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Food Trip: 9 Burgers in Pune That You Must Try

13 Apr , 2016  

Fine Dine Love

For a city that is a youth hub, fast food remains an all-time favourite option among Puneites. The city is home to some of the most delectable patties in the country and the burger here is a mean affair. We take you on a trip to visit Pune’s most delicious burgers. Mega Barn Burger at […]

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Great Eggspectations: 12 Of Mumbai’s Best Egg Dishes Vol II

11 Apr , 2016  

Fine Dine Love

Covered in hollandaise, scrambled with spices or baked with spinach and cheese, last week, we explored some of Mumbai’s greatest egg dishes with Vol I. But the list doesn’t end there – here are 12 more ways to satisfy every kind of egg craving – whether you’re looking for something healthy, something indulgent, or something […]

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Back With A Bang: Gourmet Day 2.0/2016

8 Apr , 2016  

Celebrate your love for food with WowTables

The world of fine dining isn’t about fancy, fussy food that takes days to prepare and seconds to eat. Not any more at least. It’s about creating a meal that will bring joy to the diners — one full of flavour and heart. It’s been a year now since GourmetItUp became WowTables and, for them, […]

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