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What’s your beer personality?

9 Sep , 2015  

We all know the changes a personality can go through a couple of beers down. You could turn into a live wire, just a goof ball or an angry young man. Yes, alcohol is capable of bringing out your true persona – but it does not necessarily depend on how many bottles you’ve guzzled down. As surprising as it sounds, your choice of brew says a lot about you. Read on and discover the lesser known side of human nature based on the beer you order.



A social animal, Corona drinkers know exactly how to balance work and play. Warm and people-centric, they love being the life of the party and are usually loved by most. Extrovert, assertive and fun-loving are words that they instantly relate to.



Patrons of this mild lager like to be perceived as elegant and tasteful. This may be attributed to Heineken’s long standing partnership with the James Bond franchise or it could just be the fancy green bottle. The choice of a Heineken drinker is best defined as ‘premium’; be it their drink, their wardrobe or even their lifestyle!



Rational, practical and easy going, Bud lovers usually like going with the flow and do not like the idea of planning too much. The beer is usually a gift to themselves after a long day at work.


Sweetish, mild and super-smooth. Just like the brew, drinkers of the Ultra are easy going and love their chicken tikka or peanuts to go with their drink. Do not assume they are health conscious. The calories they dodge by choosing an ultra, is what they balance out with all the appetisers!



Like Bud lovers, Miller drinkers are easy-going and love chilling out post work. They could be slightly choosy with the people they hang out with, but once familiar, they come across as talkative and fun.

Whatever be your beer personality, who can say no to complimentary beer? Especially when it comes paired with eclectic multi-course meals at the best eateries in the city?  Yes, for real. WowTables has now launched the Guzzler’s Fest in Delhi and Bangalore, where you can get 3 complimentary pints of Kingfisher Premium beer with your gourmet dining experience

Happy guzzling!

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