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Sunday Breakfast: Healthy Smoothies by Tarika Singh

7 Feb , 2016  


Too lazy (read: hungover) to make breakfast on a Sunday? Fret not, food blogger Tarika Singh share some simple, fuss-free breakfast smoothies that are healthy yet oh-so-delicious! Ingredients Strawberry & Banana Smoothie 1 cup yoghurt 1/2 cup strawberries 1 large banana, chopped and frozen 1 Tbs Flax seeds Apple & Peanut Butter Smoothie 1 cup yoghurt […]

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Baker’s Delight: Muffin Really Matters

23 Aug , 2015  

Featured image muffin

Meet the muffin, the healthier cousin of the sweet cupcake. While cupcakes are essentially miniature cakes, made from cake flour and topped with loads of icing, muffins are made from all-purpose flour and are often packed with fruits or savoury ingredients. In short, muffins are your go-to baked goods if you want a tasty treat, […]

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Soup Secrets: Bouillabaisse

22 Aug , 2015  

When one goes into the origin of bouillabaisse, one is faced with conjecture and wild theory. One thing that most people do agree upon is that its home is Marseilles, although it’s made widely all over the Mediterranean coast. One apocryphal story told by the Marsellais is that Venus fed it to her husband Vulcan […]

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Veggie Diaries: Celery Sells 

21 Aug , 2015  

Featured image celery

If there’s one herb that can be counted on to dress up even a most mundane dish, it’s celery.Just a stalk of celery laid on your kitchen counter can make it appear as though something exotic is cooking. In flavour, fragrance, looks and health, celery can be counted on to win all contests hands down. […]

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Soup Secrets: Brisk Bisque

12 Aug , 2015  

feature image bisque

If you are a Seinfeld worshipper, the first thing that’ll come to your mind on hearing ‘bisque’ is The Soup Nazi.  Well, we’re going to reveal a lot more about this French soup than the erratic Soup Nazi did. For example, you don’t need the $2 ‘free bread’ with this one because it’s plenty filling on its […]

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Bakers Delight: Croissant Love

29 Jul , 2015  

feature image croissant

Green, rolling pastures. Contented cows looking up dreamily from chewing the juicy grass. The sound of distant bells in the hills. Snow-capped peaks swathed in puffy white clouds. Blue, blue skies. Now, top that with a fresh croissant off the oven and you have found your little piece of heaven. Croissants, as any blue-blooded Austrian […]

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7 Beer Rich Recipes That You Can Brew In Your Kitchen

2 Jul , 2015  

Fine Dine Love: Beer Recipes

One of the things that makes beer awesome is the fact that the drink is not just for drinking at football games and at happy hour; it can be a great addition to many recipes and accentuates the flavors of meat, breads, stews, and even desserts. Perfect for tailgating, game-day parties, backyard barbecues and more, […]

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Cheese Trip: Blue Cheese

30 Jun , 2015  

Featured image blue cheese

Chances are that blue cheese might make you cringe, given its strong and powerful smell. But there are higher chances of falling head over heels in love with this cheese once you’ve tasted it. Present in delicious salad dressings and dips, blue cheese is slightly bitter in taste. Blue cheese is believed to have been discovered […]

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Baker’s Delight: Cookies

30 Jun , 2015  

feature image cookies

Cookies are arbitrary pieces of data, usually chosen by the web server, and stored on the client computer by the browser. Yes, and they taste delicious when the data is made of chocolate, the web server knows how to bake and the client computer is nicely preheated to 175 degrees delicious. These baked goodies have existed […]

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Meat Lover’s Pride: Ham-mer Head

23 Jun , 2015  

feature image hammer

A salty and smoky meat, ham is delicious in all forms. Be it grilled, fried or baked, this meat complements every technique beautifully. Ham can be used in various preparations, right from a lunch sandwich, a hand tossed salad to a rich glazed portion.  Most people get confused between ham and bacon. It’s simple, ham […]

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