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The Right way to eat Sushi 

6 Apr , 2015  

Most people are nervous about their first sushi experience – what is it like to eat raw fish? How do I eat it? Do I have to follow a certain procedure?
Relax. Here are some basic steps that tell you how to eat sushi the proper way.

1. Hands or Chopsticks

Decide beforehand if you want to eat with chopsticks or your bare hands. If you’re not too familiar with chopsticks, it’s perfectly acceptable to use your hands, especially if you’re sharing sushi with friends. Make sure to wash your hands first.
2. Sauce

If your chef has already seasoned the dish, refrain from adding sauce. But if not, dip lightly into the soy sauce instead of pouring the sauce into your dish as it’s considered disrespectful.
3. Eat delicately

As far as possible, try to finish each piece in a single bite. If the piece is big, two bites. But as far as possible, try not too linger too long on each piece.
4. Ginger

Refresh your mouth with a bite of ginger between bites of sushi. This is a good thing to do especially if you’re sampling different kinds of sushi. It helps you enjoy the flavours better.

So there’s your go-to guide to eat sushi like the Japanese! Please refrain from making snide remarks about the food and remember that it’s an acquired taste, so give yourself time to get to like it. Delicacy and refinement are the words to remember.

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