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Sneaky Treats: Paneer Where Not Expected

9 Apr , 2016  

Savoury or sweet, warm or cold, paneer is a versatile ingredient in Indian cooking and a popular one among vegetarians. There are many unique places where we have incorporated it into our food, especially those that have been primarily meat-dominated:

Paneer Shawarma
The kathi roll has always been a fun, cheap on-the-go snack. It has evolved into a shawarma, a Middle-Eastern roll comprising of chicken rolled in pita bread with Mediterranean style filling. When it comes to the vegetarian option, paneer has replaced chicken – and we see seasoned paneer slowly rotating and roasting for hours on a baster till tender and juicy. Paired with pickled veggies, hummus and seasoning, the Paneer Shawarma wrap is a fresh, healthy way to snack!Fine Dine Love


Paneer Steak
If you look at it, you’d be convinced that it was meat – but the aromas will say otherwise. A mélange of shashlik styled cottage cheese with a scrumptious side of boiled or roasted veggies makes a filling meal. Beautifully seasoned with herbs and doused with barbeque sauce, the Paneer steak is super soft to cut into and a delight to eat!Fine Dine Love


Paneer Gulab Jamun
Everyone’s favorite dessert, the Gulab Jamun can be made with paneer too! Khoya is replaced with little balls of paneer that are chewier than usual with a more rasgulla-like texture, but tasty nonetheless. It takes a little more time to absorb the sugar syrup. You’ll usually find them to be pink in color and unlike the fried ones, and in shapes like oval, tear-drop or disc-like.Fine Dine Love


Paneer Kheer
Kids will relish this delectable, protein laden Paneer kheer and so will you. With a rich texture and flavor, anyone can prepare it and it will seem like you’ve been slaving in the kitchen for hours. However, one has to use fresh paneer and not the packaged one. Add condensed milk for a creamier base and add nuts, raisins and dry fruits as garnishing.Fine Dine Love


Paneer Barfi
If it’s a last minute sweet you need, look no further. Paneer Barfi is the easiest sweet you can prepare, and an unusual one too! This traditional Indian mithai is prepared from fresh cottage cheese that’s crumbled, cooked with sugar, ghee and nuts and then spread out on a greased plate to cook on a slow flame until the ghee separates. Cardamom powder is then added and the cool mixture is kneaded, cut into shapes and garnished.

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Paneer Skewers
You don’t need meat to enjoy a good kebab. Succulent Paneer kebabs roasted on skewers are tasty and so mouthwatering. Plus, they’re high in protein and make a good starter when grilled with onion and peppers. Sprinkled over with chaat masala and dipped in green chutney – good to go!Fine Dine Love


Paneer Jalebi
A popular dessert in Bengal, Paneer Jalebi or Chanar jalebi as it’s more popularly called is made of cottage cheese rather than milk solids or mawa. Although you won’t come across it in cities frequently, it is a popular dish that’s indigenous to Bengali cuisine.Fine Dine Love


Paneer Pizza
Indian and Italian flavours combine in a pizza that may be unique to our land – Tandoori Paneer Pizza. An assortment of veggies is soaked in rich marinade and then sautéed before being added as a topping to this desi pizza. When the assembled pizza is baked in an oven, the melted cheese and soft paneer give it a pillowy light texture.Fine Dine Love


Seems like this versatile ingredient is second to none when it comes to vegetarian protein. Have an interesting dish made with paneer? Let us know!

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