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Ode to Aam: 21 Mango Dishes To See You Through The Summer

18 May , 2016  

Summers in Mumbai have all the predictability of a badly written romantic comedy. But amid the banal annual complaints of it being “the hottest summer yet, bro” and “I can’t do anything with my hair in this humidity!” there’s one thing that keeps us going through the heat, sweat and tears – mango season! This bright spot on an otherwise gloomy pre-monsoon horizon is sometimes the sole reason we survive through summer, and if you’re looking to get your fill of the king of fruit before it disappears, here’s where you need to go:

Mango Chile Chicken at Chili’s Grill and Bar
Chicken prepared with a six-pepper seasoning is beautifully offset by a sweet and spicy mango and habanero glaze and topped with delicious mango and cilantro pico de gallo and avocado.Fine Dine Love

Roasted Mango Duck at Hakkasan (reserve now)
The combination of juicy duck with fine slices of mango make for a surprising and delicious dish — not to mention one that’s almost too pretty to eat. But don’t let that (or anything else) stop you. This one is unmissable!Fine Dine Love


Raw Mango and Papaya Salad at The Fatty Bao
This salad is proof that a simple dish, when well-executed, can be a true star. Studded with peanuts and drizzled with a spicy honey chilli dressing, this is the perfect summer salad, and it goes beautifully with pretty much any of The Fatty Bao’s other small plates. Finish off your meal with the summer special Mango Panna Cotta, or head to AKA for theirs.Fine Dine Love


Alphonso and Crab Mango Salad at The Table
Fatty Bao may have taken their delicious crab meat and wakame salad off the menu, but fret not, The Table has you covered. The sweetness of alphonso and savoury, fresh crab meat are perfected balanced in this salad, especially with the cilantro aioli dressing and sweet pepper and jicama garnish tying the whole dish together. Wash it down with a refreshing Mango Daiquiri. Fine Dine Love


Raw Mango & Roasted Pumpkin Burger at Woodside Inn (reserve now)
An unusual combination to be sure, but the pumpkin and raw mango patty paired with a sour and spicy topping makes for a delicious burger — one that will leave both vegetarians and stubborn carnivores satisfied.Fine Dine Love


Crispy Lamb with Raw Mango at Yauatcha (reserve now)
Remember what we said about simple ideas executed perfectly? Yauatcha presents another shining example. A crispy, sesame-sprinkled lamb is placed under a refreshing raw mango salad for a dish that is a class apart in balanced flavours.

Image credit: Shivangi Reviews

Image credit: Shivangi Reviews


Crispy Mango Specialty Maki at Yuuka
Pleasing to the eye and the palate, slices of mango and fresh tuna conceal crisp tempura flakes. Spicy mayonnaise and honey yuzu walks a tightrope of flavours that do justice to the ingredients used. Fine Dine Love


Mango Milkshake at Bachelorr’s
There are plenty of places that have fresh, thick mango milkshake, but Bachelorr’s will always have a special place in our hearts. 

Representational image only

Representational image only


Mangoes and Cream at Haji Ali Juice Centre
Sweet alphonso is drowned in heavy cream for a decadent dessert that’s been the centre of many a late night summer drives.Fine Dine Love


Aam ras at any thali joint
Come May and almost every thali joint in the city starts offering aam ras as a dessert option. Head to your favourite spot ASAP.

Image credit: The Chef and Her Kitchen

Image credit: The Chef and Her Kitchen


Mango Ice Cream at K Rustom’s
K Rustom’s legendary ice cream sandwiches are a Mumbai must, and their fresh mango ice cream has long been on our checklist of things to eat in the summer. Equally great is the hand-churned mango ice cream at Taj Ice Cream, that’s been around for over a century. Want something a little fancier? Also try Parfait Co’s Mango Parfait or Sucres Des Terres’ delicious Alphonso Sorbet.

 Fine Dine Love


Mango Falooda at Badshah Snacks and Drinks
Famous for its falooda, Badshah ups the ante in summer with the king of all summer drinks – mango falooda. It’s refreshing, filling, and just so, so delicious.

Photo credit Garrett Ziegler (Flickr)

Photo credit Garrett Ziegler (Flickr)


Mango and Sabudana Cutting Trifle at The Bombay Canteen
The St Andrew’s Mess has been a favourite among mango and sweet lovers for some time now, but if you’re going to give something else a shot it should be The Bombay Canteen’s brand new dessert – a trifle that layers hapoos, tapioca pudding, coconut meringue and aam papad. Not cool enough for you? Try their tequila and Triple Sec-spiked mango, chilli and lime popsicles instead.Fine Dine Love


Mango Cider at Doolally
We know, we know, you love their apple cider, but you owe it to your favourite taproom to give their seasonal mango cider a try, don’t you?

Photo credit: Indian Express

Photo credit: Indian Express


Indian Summer at BlueFROG (reserve now) The sweet and refreshing flavours of mango and mint are perfectly balanced with a hit of ginger in this gloriously bright, perfect-for-summer cocktail. If you want something simpler, try their Mango Bellini instead.Fine Dine Love


Mango Lassi at Kailash Mandir
The tanginess of thick, creamy lassi juxtaposed with the sweetness of mangoes is the perfect foil for a hot summer’s day – and while you can get mango lassi at numerous places around the city, you’re missing a very Bombay experience if you haven’t tried the one (with a cherry on top, if you please) at Dadar’s famous Kailash Mandir.

 Representational image only (credit: Purple Foodie)

Representational image only (credit: The Purple Foodie)


Mango desserts at The Sassy Spoon (reserve now)
As usual, we’re having a hard time picking between desserts at Sassy Spoon. While we love their twist on Mango Tart (cleverly filled with tender coconut pastry cream), their Malibu-soaked Mango Tiramisu is worth a try too. If you’re not game for dessert (*gasp* how is that even possible?) try the refreshing Shrimp and Mango Salad instead.

Mango Tiramisu (photo credit: Aalok Wadhwa)

Mango Tiramisu (photo credit: Aalok Wadhwa)


Keri No Samosa at SodaBottleOpenerWala
While this modern Irani cafe has a number of mango options (including Mango Rava and Mango Shrikhand Cheesecake), it’s the innovative mango and nut samosas served with ice cream that are a must-try. Fine Dine Love


Mango Cheesecake at Love and Cheesecake
Light, creamy and topped with mango, we’re sure you’ll be dreaming about this cheesecake for days. Also try: Mango Cheesecake-topped Waffles at One Street Over.Fine Dine Love


Baked Mango Yogurt at The Pantry (reserve now)
Thick and creamy mishti doi is made even more luscious with the addition of mangoes. Available till (mango) stocks last.Fine Dine Love


Eaten on their own, as a part of a sweet or savoury dish, or drunk a myriad of ways, our collective love affair with mangoes is almost inseparable from who we are. What’s your favourite way to consume the king of fruit?

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