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’Nuts About: 12 Must-Visit Donut Shops in the USA

21 Jun , 2016  

It’s not hard to see why people are crazy about donuts. They’re fried, sweet, and can be filled or topped with all sorts of delicious things. While there’s a noticeable gap in the Indian market when it comes to these amazing goodies (apart from a couple of larger national and international chains, you’ll rarely see independent bakeries making and selling a good version), there are plenty of places in the United States that are more than happy to satisfy all your donut cravings:


Dom’s Bakery, Ypsilanti, Michigan
Sure, the fact that Dom’s Bakery is open 24-hours is definitely a crowd-drawer (especially college students from nearby Ann Arbor pulling all-nighters), but it’s the fresh donuts that makes this bakery so popular. Everything from the glazed donuts to custard-filled Long Johns are great here, but it’s the Apple Fritters that will keep you hooked.

Apple fritter, red velvet cake with icing, sour cream old fashioned - photo credit Hannah R.

Apple fritter, red velvet cake with icing, sour cream old fashioned (Image credit: Hannah R.)


Do-Rite Donuts and Coffee, Chicago
Whether it’s using the best ingredients or serving only the freshest donuts (they’re made in batches of 36 only), Do-Rite lives up to its name. While their seasonal donuts are always worth a try, it’s the Chocolate Glazed donut (which is made using Valhrona chocolate) that’s near perfection. Fine Dine Love


Peter Pan, Brooklyn, New York
Be it glazed, cream-filled, sugar-dusted, Red Velvet, Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches, or even the crunchy and light crowd-favourite Toasted Coconut Donut, Peter Pan is one of the best places to go for handmade donuts in the Big Apple. Don’t believe us? Let comedian, writer, and overall goddess Tina Fey convince you.

Peter Pan toasted coconut donut (Image credit: Carolina S)

Peter Pan toasted coconut donut (Image credit: Carolina S)


Doughnut Plant, New York, New York
Come for the Tres Leches, stay for, well, just about everything else — including the spectacular, custard-filled Crème Brûlée Donut.

Crème Brûlée Doughnut (Photo credit Esther K.)

Crème Brûlée Doughnut (Photo credit Esther K.)


Gourdough’s, Austin, Texas
Creativity meets deliciousness at Gourdough’s, where you can create your own donut with toppings and fillings of your choice, or indulge (emphasis on the word ‘indulge’) in one of their specials. There’s the Flying Pig, which is topped with bacon and maple icing; Mother Clucker, served with fried chicken strip and honey butter; Mama’s Cake, which is filled with yellow cake batter with chocolate fudge icing to go with it; and the Carney, topped with apple pie filling, caramel sauce, cream cheese icing, and dry-roasted peanuts. Honestly, the tagline of Gourdough’s — Big. Fat. Donuts. — tells you pretty much all you need to know about this food truck.

Image source: Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest


Randy’s Donuts, Inglewood, California
An iconic L.A. structure, the little donut shop with a giant donut on its roof has been attracting customers for a long, long time. While it’s a popular tourist destination (it’s en route LAX too), Randy’s continues to serve great, old-fashioned donuts, living up to the hype that surrounds it.

Photo Credit - Thomas Hawk

Photo Credit – Thomas Hawk


Voodoo Doughnut, Portland, Oregon
The donuts here (warning: may contain voodoo magic — no really, it says so on their website!) are fun, delicious, and colourful. Bored of sugar-topped donuts? No problem — try the Captain Crunch (adorably named Captain My Captain) or Fruit Loops topped ones instead. Done with the same ol’ raspberry jelly filling? How about mango jelly instead? Looking to spice things up? Bite into the Mexican Hot Chocolate, a chocolate cake donut dusted with cayenne pepper and cinnamon sugar.Fine Dine Love



Tom + Chee, multiple outlets
This chain, famous for its tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, has upped the ante by adding a range of grilled cheese donuts to its menu, including the grilled glazed donut with cheddar, and a blueberry compote, ham, and Brie doughnut.

Tom + Chee's Chocolate, bacon, mozzarella donut sandwich

Tom + Chee’s Chocolate, bacon, mozzarella donut sandwich


Rebel Donut, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Breaking Bad fans, this one’s for you — the Blue Sky, created to celebrate (well, mourn) the end of this much-loved show, is a glazed donut topped with blue frosting and bright blue crystalline rock candy — the closest (hopefully) you’ll get to sampling Walter White’s signature product… and the safest way to do so too!

Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman Posing with the donuts

Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman with the Blue Sky donuts


Dynamo Donut + Coffee, San Francisco, California
If ever the use of the insufferable term ‘artisanal’ were justified, it’s to describe Sara Spearin’s donuts. Her Vanilla Bean donut (the first of her creations, dreamed up while on maternity leave) is still a hot favourite at the store for its unique blend of sweet, salty, sour, bitter and spicy flavours. Other winning combinations include Sichuan Pepper-infused Lemon Curd; Maple Bacon; Chocolate Rosemary; Lemon Thyme; Chocolate Spice; Passionfruit Chocolate; Chocolate Rose; Chocolate Anise; Orange Blossom; and Banana de Leche to name a few.

Lemon Pistachio, Spiced Chocolate, Maple Bacon apple, Caramel de sel donuts (photo credi: Rho T)

Lemon Pistachio, Spiced Chocolate, Maple Bacon apple, Caramel de sel donuts (photo credi: Rho T)


Psycho Donuts, San Jose, California
The “world’s first and only asylum for wayward donuts”, Psycho Donuts are crazy good (pun intended, and used liberally at this famous Bay Area donut shop). Try their Dead Elvis (a custard-filled donut topped with bananas, PB&J, and bacon); the tequila pastry cream-filled Strawberry Margarita (it comes topped with strawberries and margarita salt); and the Fung Shui with green tea icing, chocolate chips, and a vanilla drizzle.

Photo credit - Jennifer C P.

Photo credit – Jennifer C P.


Doughnuttery, New York, New York
Mini donuts and creative dips are the specialty at this NY donut shop. While they do provide traditional flavours, it’s the unique combinations (maple, purple potatoes, bacon; matcha green tea, honey, ginger; cardamom, orange zest; lavender, pistachio, vanilla; and peanut butter, cayenne, pretzels) and fun dipping sauces (including Nutella, dark chocolate, and beer caramel) that keep customers coming back for more.Fine Dine Love


The dessert industry is beginning to go through a real upswing in India — one thing that’s desperately missing are great donuts. Bakers out there — are you listening? Till they hear our plaintive cry, you can rely on this article as your checklist to eat your way through some of America’s finest donuts.

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