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Nostalgia Alert: Your Favourite Childhood Treats and What They Look Like Now

1 Feb , 2016  

We’re all kids at heart and some of our fondest memories include running outside on hearing the ice cream man’s bell, slurping falooda and eating candy floss without a care in the world.

Oh, how they delighted us when we were children! Thanks to the bakers and pastry chefs of our generation, they’ve now been modified to create a delicious way to wipe out the cares of an adult, just for a little while.

Folks, it’s time to give the child in you a sweet treat with an adult twist.

Beer Popsicles at The White Owl, Mumbai(Reserve now)Fine Dine Love: Beer Popsicles

There was nothing quite like an after-school Popsicle, was there? Adulthood can be fun too when you have a Craft beer Popsicle at the White Owl. In flavors like Irish Ale and Mango-infused Ale, this heady Popsicle is served with butter cookie crumbs that let you feel drunk, yet child-like at the same time.

Cosmo Explosion at Social, Mumbai and DelhiFine Dine Love

Here’s something girly and pink for the ladies, tired of the same boring drinks! It starts off as candy floss and orange zest in a martini glass, and then the regular cosmo is poured in. Vodka, cranberry juice and triple sec will let you hit the buzz oh-so-subtly. That little girl eating candy floss on the beach is all grown up!

Rum and Cosmo Gola at Woodside Inn, Mumbai (Reserve now)Fine Dine Love: Cosmo Gola

Everyone has a frozen memory of the sugary, syrupy ice gola that made the unbearable summer heat worth it. You debated on what flavour to get with your friends before handing your prized Rs 2 over. Slurp and suck on frozen ice again, this time, it’s infused with dark rum, an espresso shot and a drizzle of condensed milk. The Cosmo Gola consists of sparkling wine, vodka, triple sec and cranberry juice.

Cheeni Ki Roti at Indian Accent, Delhi

Image Credits:

Image Credits:

Quarter-lifers like us want to preserve childhood memories for as long as possible, and that’s probably why Indian Accent’s “Cheeni ki roti” is such a hit in Delhi. Literally meaning Sugar Bread, this dessert is an olden day classic, but the jaggery filling has been replaced with gooey marshmallows and vanilla ice cream. 10 marks for adulthood!

Jalebi Caviar at Masala Library, MumbaiFine Dine Love

The delicious hot and crunchy jalebi was the highlight of long weddings we had to attend, all dressed up and uncomfortable. Our humble jalebi is evolving too. Jalebi caviar now floats on top of rabdi, sprinkled with pistachio and saffron foam. Talk about hybrid desserts!

Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sundae at The Table, Mumbai

Image used for representational purpose only

Image used for representational purpose only

Peanut chikki, salted caramel popcorn and fudge. Need we say more? This drool-worthy masterpiece slings some great childhood favourites into one with a cool east-meets-west fusion dessert. Makes us remember the chikkiwala with the aluminium tray on his head.

Parle G Cheesecake at Farzi Cafe, DelhiFine Dine Love

“Have you been #Farzified?” is a popular question in Gurgaon, ever since Farzi Cafe came to town with an aim to bring back Indian cuisine with vogue. Our tiffin box favourite, Parle G, features on the menu. Cheesecake sandwiched between two Parle G biscuits and made to stand in saffron rabdi is already a unique twist on a childhood classic. But that’s not all, its also generously garnished with Cadbury Gems!

Food is one of the greatest links we have to our childhood. Go ahead and indulge while reminiscing about those hot, balmy evenings playing football, simple birthday parties or shopping with mother in the market as you take another bite (or sip) of your childhood inspired treat.

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