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Let Them Eat: Mumbai’s Most Indulgent Chocolate Cakes

27 Jan , 2016  

There’s nothing as sinful as good chocolate cake. Unfortunately, there’s nothing harder to find. While every corner bakery, pastel-washed patisserie, and restaurant sells it, there aren’t many that get it right. And what exactly does ‘right’ entail? The perfect chocolate cake is rich, not too sweet, moist, and just a little bit crumbly. Not too much to ask, is it? Here are the nine that made our cut.

1. Dark chocolate almond cake at Kala Ghoda Café

This gem of a café is the perfect place for a coffee, but throw in a slice of the impossibly light but rich dark chocolate almond cake and suddenly you’re in heaven. The cake gets bonus points for being gluten and wheat free, but it’s the texture and the little dollop of fresh whipped cream (none of that airy soya stuff either!) that makes it a winner.

2. Flourless cake at Café ZoeFine Dine Love
If you’re looking for a bit of chocolaty comfort, few things can beat a warm flourless cake, especially when it achieves the perfect crumbly to softness ration (to use the technical terms) like this one at Café Zoe does.

3. Dense chocolate loaf at TheobromaFine Dine Love

Beating out the delicious devil’s mousse cake, Theobroma’s dense chocolate loaf is, as the name indicates, not a cake but a loaf. Technicalities aside, we double dog dare you to have a bite of this cake and resist going in for a hundred other. Achieving everything a great chocolate cake should—with the added bonus of being just as good if not better the next day, straight from the fridge—it is rich and fudgy and will make you feel impossibly guilty if you’re on a diet.

4. Chocolate truffle at Quality The Cake People

Image used for representational purpose only

Image used for representational purpose only

This list wouldn’t be complete without an old-school addition, and this little cake shop tucked away in Grant Road’s Bhaji Galli is the perfect one. Opinions are split between the Chocolate Chiffon and the simpler Chocolate Truffle but, while the nougat-covered chiffon is delicious, the truffle is soft, light, and has a generous (without going overboard) slathering of icing – chocolate cake perfection.

5. Gooey chocolate cake at Café MoshePicture6

It’s gooey, it’s chocolaty, it’s everything the name promises. The dessert equivalent of a hug, if chocolate is your poison of choice on a bad day (why wouldn’t it be?) this is the cake for you. P.S. get a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.

6. Old-fashioned chocolate cake at Truffles by Shirin AdenwallaFine Dine Love

If you live in south Mumbai and haven’t tried anything by home caterer extraordinaire Shirin Adenwalla yet you are missing out. Her menu is extensive and creative, but her old-fashioned chocolate cake is a perennial favourite – and for good reason. Rich, moist cake, covered with equally rich chocolate icing – it’s pure simplicity and pure genius.

7. The Masaba at Le 15 PatisserieFine Dine Love

Inspired by designer Masaba Gupta’s craving for the popular childhood favourite – Nutties, the Masaba is a chocolate cake layered with butterscotch and chocolate ganache, topped with—what else?—a ring of Nutties. Another great option is the Dark Delight – dark chocolate cake with salted caramel and roasted almond flakes.

8. Chocolate cake at Eighth Baking Studio

Image used for representational purpose only

Image used for representational purpose only

Anurita Ghoshal, who runs Eighth, a baking studio in Bandra, makes desserts that would make her Le Cordon Bleu Paris alma matter proud. One of her offerings, an old fashioned chocolate cake—no frills, no funny business, just good ol’ cake and icing—is the perfect sinful addition to this list.

9. Chocolate Feuillant at The Oberoi Patisserie and DelicatessenFine Dine Love

Okay, this one is a bit of a cheat entry, as there isn’t actually any cake in it, but the chocolate Feuillant isn’t the Oberoi patisserie’s signature cake for nothing. Soft as sin Belgian chocolate parfait, chocolate meringue, and a layer of dark chocolate topped with chocolate frills and a dusting of cocoa powder make this dessert irresistible, cake or no cake.

When it comes to the perfect chocolate cake, one thing’s for certain: all it really needs is to be pure sin. So what’s your favourite cake in the city?

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