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Great Eggspectations: 12 Of Mumbai’s Best Egg Dishes Vol I

6 Apr , 2016  

Fry them, scramble them, bake them, boil them, coddle them, beat them — no matter how you treat your eggs, there’s no wrong way to eat them. They’re the champs of versatility, pairing perfectly with so many different ingredients, flavours, and dishes, and, of course, they’re straight up delicious. Without further eedu, let’s get cracking on the finest egg dishes Mumbai has to offer.

Akuri at Ideal Corner
We Parsis take our eedu seriously, holding fast by the philosophy that anything can be improved by adding an egg to it. But the king of all bawa egg dishes is the akuri – an egg scrambled with Parsi masalas, ginger, garlic, and chopped tomatoes and onions. What separates an akuri from bhurji is that it’s usually slightly wetter (that’s how most Parsis prefer it at least) and creamier, and Ideal Corner gets theirs just right.

Also try: Ideal Corner’s Bharuchi akuri (Jimmy Boy does a mean one too) is a creamy, decadent offering, studded with raisins and cashew nuts, while their Parsi poro (Parsi masala omelette in roti) is also delicious.Fine Dine Love


Eggs Benedict at Indigo Deli
Everybody has an opinion on who does the best eggs Benedict in Mumbai, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s Indigo Deli. Yes, their poached eggs and hollandaise sauce are near perfection, but it’s their variations on this classic dish that truly sets them apart. Try it with ratatouille, or as a version of caprese with roasted tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. Seafood lovers die for their smoked salmon benny or Benedict with poached lobster, but for something truly decadent, try it with sinfully tender pork belly and béarnaise sauce.

Also try: Eggs on the Beach – poached eggs with crispy bacon on crab cakes smothered in hollandaise sauce.Fine Dine Love


Kejriwal Toast at The Bombay Canteen
Probably one of my favourite egg dishes in Mumbai, The Bombay Canteen’s version of this club favourite is a sunny-side-up egg on a toasted bun, sprinkled with cheese, with a seriously addictive spicy coconut chutney poured around it.Fine Dine Love


Kheema Ghotala at Sassanian
Kheema ghotala is a delightful combination of eggs and spicy kheema scrambled together and served piping hot, preferably with buttery pav. A number of Irani cafes in the city serve it, but I love the one at Sassanian, as well as Good Luck Cafe and Cafe Excelsior.

Also try: Sassanian’s akuri and bhurji.Fine Dine Love


Shakshouka at Cafe Moshe’s
Baked eggs done the Middle Eastern way, Shakshouka is a delicious mix of sweet and spicy flavours that are a result of tomatoes and caramelised onions cooked with a blend of Arabic spices, and sweet and spicy peppers. The eggs are cracked over this mixture before it goes in the oven, and the whole dish is served bubbling hot. At Café Moshe’s, you can add mushrooms, corn and cheese or sausages to your Shakshouka, but having it plain works just fine too.

Image used for representational purpose only

Image used for representational purpose only


Bagel Breakfast at The Bagel Shop
The Bagel Shop has a number of great breakfast option, but this straightforward one is a favourite for its choice of add ons (including bacon, sausages, mushrooms, and baked beans), and the fact that you can choose how you want your eggs prepared. Oh, and it comes with a toasted bagel and a generous serving of cream cheese, of course.Fine Dine Love


Double Egg Roll at Hangla
Simplicity personified, a paratha that is somehow at once soft and crisp hides a filling of fried egg (get the double), green chillies, and strands of onion, which you can ask for fried or raw – buyer’s choice.

Image used for representational purpose only

Image used for representational purpose only


Waffle Croque Madame at The Pantry (reserve now)
This charming café serves up light as well as heavy fare, and their waffle croque madame stands solidly in the latter category. This gorgeous ham and cheese waffle sandwich comes with eggs served sunny side up and is doused in béchamel sauce. A dash of the homemade mustard makes this a real winner.Fine Dine Love


Egg Sandwich at The Sassy Spoon (reserve now)
Okay, so you get many cheaper versions of the egg and mayo sandwich at bakeries around Mumbai, but if you’re at The Sassy Spoon and find yourself nostalgic for one, you won’t be disappointed.

(Picture credits: Kalyan Karmakar)

(Picture credits: Kalyan Karmakar)


Fat Man’s Special Baked Egg Bowl at Fat Man’s Café (reserve now)
Fat Man Cafe bakes its eggs on a bed of creamy spinach and mushroom or on sausages, bacon, cheese, and seasoned tomatoes. They’re luscious, rich and just a flavour packed meal for when you’re in the mood to indulge.Fine Dine Love


Omelette Pav outside Churchgate Station
The omelette pav outside Churchgate Station is legendary among late commuters and south Mumbai residents. Vijay, the owner, sets up his busy stall at around 9pm, and feeds the hungry hoards who flock to him on foot, by train and bus, on bikes, or in cars – late night street food is truly the great equaliser of Mumbai.

Image used for representational purpose only (Image credit MumbaitoMelbourne)

Image used for representational purpose only (Image credit MumbaitoMelbourne)


Egg Bhurji at Khurshid Pav Bhaji OR Mohammad Nashir Pav Bhaji & Bhurji Centre
Like omelette pav, you’ll get great anda bhurji at a number of late-night vendors in Mumbai, particularly outside suburban railway stations. However, for those in the know, Khurshid’s stall or Mohammad Nashir’s, both at Vile Parle, are the best place to get your late-night (or early morning, depending on which side of midnight you go to bed) fix of spicy scrambled eggs with pav.

Bhurji pav at Khurshid's (Picture credits: Anuj Kandoi)

Bhurji pav at Khurshid’s (Picture credits: Anuj Kandoi)


With so many great dishes on offer, there’s no limiting this to just one list. Leave a comment to let us know the egg dishes you love most, and it just might make it to volume II of our Great Eggscapade.

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