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Gourmet At Heart: Chef Rohan Dsouza

2 Dec , 2015  

Popularly known as the ‘conductor of gourmet symphonies’, Chef Rohan Dsouza started his culinary voyage at the age of 17 with a summer internship at the Taj Holiday Village, Goa.

A formal education post this internship, followed by working under world-renowned chefs like James Martin and Marco Pierre White and spearheading several successful ventures, has today made Chef Rohan D’souza synonymous with comfort food and gastronomic creations.

Currently, the Lead Chef at Silver Beach Hospitality (Mumbai), The Corner Courtyard (Kolkata), Big Brewsky (Bangalore) and Squeeze and Slice Pizzeria (Goa), Chef Rohan ensures all his dishes depict his plating prowess, providing nothing less than art on a plate. Read further…

1. You have worked with Marco Pierre White. What was the experience like?
I joined Marco’s team at a time when I had evolved a lot in my career, thanks to a strong foundation- courtesy P&O Cruises, UK and a previous long stint with another strong UK Celebrity- Chef James Martin. So, it was quite a smooth experience to fit into the scheme of things in a Marco Pierre White environment. Marco is super cool and working with him is a dream come true for anybody in the hospitality space. I got the chance to learn a lot of straight-forward, fuss-free cooking techniques that I use till date in my day-to-day recipe development.

2. What goes behind the structuring of different concepts at the various restaurants by Silver Beach Hospitality? Where do you draw inspiration from?
When our team starts to conceptualise a restaurant, the brief includes the target audience, restaurant location, theme and décor. Thus, based on these factors our concept is built. When it comes to inspiration, we as a team at Silver Beach Hospitality bring something inspiring on the table, so we don’t have to look at any direction to draw inspiration. It is all home grown concepts based on teamwork.

Fine Dine Love: Gourmet At Heart - Chef Rohan Dsouza

3. Tell us more about the innovative dishes you have created in lieu of the recent beef ban.
The beef ban has not really affected me personally as I consult for a brand in Nairobi. So all my top notch beef-loving dishes are now channelled to Nairobi!

4. The idea of having an expert chef at a bar is a fairly new concept. How did the idea of Radio Bar come along?
I think food plays a large part in a modern day bar concept and has a lot to do with the longevity of a brand. Thus, a lot of attention is given to Radio Bar, like to all other brands in the chain.

5. What would you call your Signature dish?
Nothing in particular. I write my recipes according to the season. Thus, every season, my style changes. Although, I do a lot of straight forward comfort food. My speciality lies in seafood as that’s my personal favourite ingredient to cook with.

Fine Dine Love: Gourmet At Heart - Chef Rohan DsouzaGlorious Grills at Radio Bar – Mumbai

6. What is the weirdest request you’ve ever created?
Lots keep coming up, but that’s the fun and challenge of catering to diverse palates in the Indian market. Initially, I would struggle with Jain food but I have worked hard in that area and mastered it. I’m glad that I have managed to create a signature line of dishes recently.

7. Any kitchen superstitions?
Not really. I just enjoy what I do.

8. Fine Dining to you is…..
If a meal is well packaged, right from the taste and presentation, to the service and the ambience it is served in, that to me is a fine dine experience.

Fine Dine Love: Gourmet At Heart - Chef Rohan DsouzaGinger & curry powder crusted baked red snapper with cauliflower spinach purée, melon salsa on roast tomato

9. Which restaurant do you frequent and why?
I make it a point to visit all our 8 restaurants in Mumbai.

10. One invaluable dining tip to all our FDL readers…
Enjoy the experience when you dine. Don’t get carried away by social media reviews and learn to judge a place for yourself. You may be able to read into the creativity of a dish better than the reviewer.

Fine Dine Love: Gourmet At Heart - Chef Rohan DsouzaGrilled Tiger Prawns

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