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Weird & Wonderful: 11 Unusual Food Pairings

24 Mar , 2016  

Fine Dine Love

There’s pleasure to be found in the strange and unusual, and when it comes to weird food pairings, the same holds true. While you can’t just throw together any two ingredients and expect it to work, a combination that does work can truly elevate a dish from good to brilliant. Bacon and milk chocolate: There’s […]

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The Workaround: Solving Delivery Vs Retail Woes

19 Mar , 2016  

Fine Dine Love

A few months ago, I made my way to Colaba Market to grab lunch at The Bao Haus Co., and managed to convince my hard-to-please Mum to tag along too. I’d been seeing pictures of their soft, pillowy baos on Instagram and since I’m a sucker for all things trending with a ‘#’, there was […]

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Cruise Control: 5 Best Cruises for the Travelbug Foodie

14 Mar , 2016  

There’s something alluring about vacationing while hopping from country to country on a luxurious cruise liner. You don’t have to bother with planning itineraries as the ship itself is the destination. You can do everything from live entertainment, play sports, work out at the gym, swim, rejuvenate and dine – all in the lap of […]


6 Career Options a Food Lover Can Explore

12 Mar , 2016  

Fine Dine Love

Most of you know me through my blog and videos where I cook up new recipes every week and the articles I write here. What you might not know is that I worked for several years as a celebrity manager before taking the plunge to follow my food dream. The number one question I’ve been […]

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Beat the Heat: 10 Ice Creams in Delhi You Must Try This Summer

9 Mar , 2016  


Although an ice cream doesn’t demand a season or a timing to be savoured, it happens to be the best way to deal with the Delhi summers. Indulge in a decadent ice cream with your favourite toppings on a hot afternoon and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Read on to know about our best […]

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Around the World in 10 Dumplings

9 Mar , 2016  

Sweet, savoury, fried, steamed or boiled, dumplings are a much-loved snack the world over. With stuffings, textures and techniques varying from country to country, clearly, no culture can let go off this comfort food. Here’s a look into the world of dumplings: PS: If you’re drooling already and contemplating not reading further cause of the […]

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Women’s Day Special: 4 Women in the culinary space to Watch Out For

8 Mar , 2016  

Women today, are no longer restricted to practising their culinary skills to serve up meals to their families. Apart from the innumerable industries that women are flourishing in, the culinary space is especially exploding with women using their passion, culinary and managerial skills to not only build successful careers but also maintain a work-life balance. […]

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The Wedding Feast: Foods That Celebrate Marriage Around the World

7 Mar , 2016  

Fine Dine Love

There are plenty of things to love about weddings, but for the average wedding guest, there’s only one thing that truly matters – the food. And in every community and country, you’ll find certain dishes that are especially significant – that is, with a significance that goes beyond just how tasty they are. Here’s a […]

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Meet These Food Lovers who Quit Their Fancy Corporate Jobs to Pursue Their Passion

6 Mar , 2016  


Have you ever daydreamed of opening your own café or starting a home baking business and being your own boss? Or perhaps you always wanted to follow your food dream, but your family couldn’t bear the thought of you becoming a “bawarchi” and made you pursue an MBA instead? With a thriving food industry and […]

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Droolicious Coffee Flavours That Will Drive Away your Monday Blues

29 Feb , 2016  

Fine Dine Love

Can there be anything more satisfying than that first sip of coffee in the morning? We think not. The struggle of dragging oneself out of bed, ESPECIALLY on a Monday morning is very real. And forcing a smile or dealing with other people before getting your morning fix? You’ve got to be kidding! While there […]

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