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Hummus: A Journey From the Middle East to Hollywood

13 May , 2016  

International Hummus Day for Fine Dine Love

Beans and chickpeas are notorious for not making it to the “favourite foods” list of many. But throw in some olive oil, lemon juice, tahini (sesame paste) with salt, and suddenly, everyone gets ready to jump in, loaded with pita bread or lavash! Yes, I’m talking about hummus – a beautifully smooth dip courtesy Levantine […]

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#Puntastic: Food Puns that Will Have You Chuckling

11 May , 2016  

Food puns by Fine Dine Love - Game of Cones

Good, bad, terrible…. We’re not talking about food! Here are some great puns that will drive you ‘nuts’. Can you ‘mustard’ the willpower and enjoy them?   Summer feels and Game of Thrones With a new season of Game of Thrones AND a very hot summer upon us at once, it seems only appropriate for […]

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Like a Tale: Foods From Storybooks That You Ought To Try

9 May , 2016  

goldilocks_2 (1)

Did you ever ask your Mom to bake an apple pie a la the sort The Famous Five ate or the one Little Red Riding Hood carried in her basket? Today we’re taking a trip down memory lane and picking out some of our favourite foods from the books that have stood the test of […]


Word Play: 12 Terms Every Foodie Will Be Familiar With

27 Apr , 2016  


From cavemen gathered around a fire, grunting over the choicest cut of woolly mammoth, to bored office workers flocking to their favourite chai and vada pav stall at 5pm, to millennials sending each other pictures of their Instaready breakfasts – food has always had a way of bringing people together. In recent times, however, it […]

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A Handy Guide to Pan Asian Delights

26 Apr , 2016  

Fine Dine Love

Pan Asian food is synonymous with remarkable flavours and vibrant colours. The cuisine uses a generous amount of rice, ginger-garlic, chilies, soy, sesame seeds and protein like chicken and prawns. The mains are usually stir fried or steamed and served with sticky rice and thick, coconut-milk based curries. Yes, Pan Asian flavours are popular across […]

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#WorldOnMyPlate: 9 Dishes That Have Made Their Way to India

9 Apr , 2016  

Fine Dine Love

Do you remember when trends were restricted to just fashion? But now, almost every few months, just like with fashion, there are ‘it foods’ that seem to catch our fancy! Do ‘cronuts’ ring a bell? The croissant-donut hybrid that caught out fancy a couple of years ago? And ever since then, local foods from different corners of […]

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Sneaky Treats: Paneer Where Not Expected

9 Apr , 2016  

Fine Dine Love

Savoury or sweet, warm or cold, paneer is a versatile ingredient in Indian cooking and a popular one among vegetarians. There are many unique places where we have incorporated it into our food, especially those that have been primarily meat-dominated: Paneer Shawarma The kathi roll has always been a fun, cheap on-the-go snack. It has […]

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The Power Couple: 5 Best PB&J Dishes in Mumbai

2 Apr , 2016  

Image used for representative purpose only

As American as bald eagles and The Star-Spangled Banner, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are the ultimate in comfort food. They’re no-fuss, easy to prepare, and just so delicious. While unusual pairings might be getting more attention these days, a classic combo like peanut butter and jelly — the ultimate mesh of sweet and salty flavours — will never […]

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Summer Fix: 3 Bite-Sized Recipes from Saucery

29 Mar , 2016  

Fine Dine Love

Summer is upon us and the oppressive heat calls for lots of cool refreshing drinks. But what about food? Surely, heavy food or meaty dishes are a no-no. What you really need are small bites – dishes that are easy to make yet full of zing. This is where Saucery steps in. Makers of sauces […]

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#WafflePorn: A Crunchy, Scrumptious Celebration

25 Mar , 2016  

Fine Dine Love

Originating as early as the 9th century, waffles are available in a variety of variations across the world. In fact, Belgium alone has 12 different regional varieties! Crisp outside, light and tender insight, any foodie worth his salt (or sugar!) will have at least one fond food memory dedicated to waffles. Of course, we don’t […]

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