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Foody Tunes: Cartoon Characters and Their Favourite Food

30 Apr , 2016  

We’ve all had our favourite cartoons while growing up. And some of these had their favourite foods that formed a part of our own childhood. So much that it’s hard to separate certain cartoon characters from the foods they love. And so, in honour of these iconic toons and our own obsession with all things food, we’re serving up some serious nostalgia:

Popeye and Spinach
Considering they’ve been using him to trick countless veggie-intolerant toddlers into eating their greens, parents owe a lot to Popeye and his ever-present, strength-providing can of spinach. If you have a Bluto to clobber or an Olive Oyl to rescue, get your fill of this nutritious vegetable at Mainland China, where they serve a delicious crackling spinach that’s light, airy, and crunchy.
Try: Le Pain Quotidien serves up a great spinach and ricotta-stuffed ravioli. (reserve now)Fine Dine Love


Dexter and Omelette du Fromage
Google omelette du fromage and the first thing you’ll see is Dexter. This standout episode is ICONIC, making this dish one we can’t separate from our favourite boy genius.
Try: The Nutcracker makes a great three cheese omelette, prepared anyway you like it.Fine Dine Love


Bugs Bunny and Carrots
Bugs Bunny’s ever-present carrot is as much a part of him as his long ears, teeth, and deadpan, “what’s up, doc?”.
Try: One Street Over’s creamy burrata topped with flavourful carrot marinara that’s had all of Mumbai gushing.Fine Dine Love


Garfield and Lasagne
Garfield feels strongly about two things – Mondays (which he hates) and lasagne (which he loves). No tinned cat food for this feline!
Try: Candies can make even Mondays seem tolerable, especially when it comes with their delicious lasagne and a side of their equally great macaroni salad.Fine Dine Love


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Pizza
Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael may live in the New York sewage system, but at least great pizza’s always just a call away – even if it usually came with some pretty weird toppings.
Try: There are so many great pizzas around, but Ray’s Cafe and Pizzeria as well as Serafina (reserve now) are great places to start. Don’t miss out on Pizza Metro Pizza, if you’re looking to make memories with your favourite food (reserve now).Fine Dine Love


Jughead Jones and Hamburgers
Forsythe P. Jones, better known as Jughead, stands out from Archie and the gang for his disinterest in anything but food, especially the burgers at Pop Tate’s.
Try: With so many great burgers to choose from in Mumbai, how about one for every budget? Check them here!

Special mention: Popeye’s slacker sidekick Wimpy, whose life revolves around solving one problem – where his next burger is coming from.Fine Dine Love


Asterix and Obelix and Wild Boar
Gaul’s favourite heroes may have derived their super strength from a magic potion instead of a can of spinach, but it’s roasting up a juicy wild boar that keeps these two going in between battles with the Romans.
Try: While wild boar is prohibited here, satisfy your cravings with a great pork dish, like Kofuku’s tender Kakuni Pork or the spare ribs at Imbiss.Fine Dine Love


Winnie the Pooh and Honey
Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood, if there’s one thing this cuddly bear cares about more than his motley crew of friends, is a pot full of sticky, golden ‘hunny’.

Treat yourself to a jar of organic honey or, if you’re feeling adventurous, order a tub of the very intriguing blue cheese and honey ice cream from Caramel Carousel.Fine Dine Love


Homer Simpson and Donuts
Mmmm donuts. Glazed, chocolate covered or dusted with sprinkles — need we say more?
Try: With Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts, and Mad Over Donuts in town, you’re spoiled for choice.Fine Dine Love


Lady and the Tramp and Spaghetti and Meatballs
We can’t see a plate of spaghetti and meatballs without thinking about this adorable scene.
Try: The Spaghetti at Café Zoe is perfect in every sense of the word.Fine Dine Love


The Dodos and The Last Melon
Ice Age is a film full of iconic scenes, but none are as captivating as the dodos trying to hold on to the last of their food supply.

Head to your nearest Nature’s Basket, pick up some prosciutto, and wrap it around some diced muskmelon for a weirdly delicious snack that’s perfect for the summer.Fine Dine Love


Po and Noodle Soup
You can’t watch Kung Fu Panda without craving a bowl full of Mr. Ping’s soulful noodle soup. And when he reveals the secret ingredient? Is there a moment in animated history more heart-warming?
Try: Mamagoto’s Chicken Broth for the Hungry Soul – it’s filling, fragrant and flavourful.Fine Dine Love


Anton Ego and Ratatouille
We spoke too soon, because of course there’s a moment that tugs on our heartstrings like no other – when hardened food critic Anton Ego takes his first bite of this simple country dish, he’s immediately transported back to his childhood. Who didn’t want to immediately rush home to mom or grandma and demand a bowl of their own childhood favourite after watching that? Plus, have you ever craved a dish made of vegetables more?
Try: Indigo Deli’s Eggs Benedict are famous, and they do a delightful version with ratatouille (reserve now).Fine Dine Love


The Minions and Bananas
Before the Minions were EVERYWHERE, they were just a group of jabbering yellow sidekicks with a love for Gru and bananas.
Try: The banoffee pie at Salt Water Café is a divine combination of all things nice (reserve now).Fine Dine Love


Kronk and Spinach Puffs
Was there ever an evil sidekick more hapless or adorable than Yzma’s Kronk? We certainly don’t think so. And the fact that he cooks (seriously how great does he make those spinach puffs sound?) just makes us love him more.
Try: Theobroma does a great flaky vegetable puff that’s filled with spinach and cheese.Fine Dine Love


Scooby Doo and Sandwiches
We’ve all spent several evenings on the edge of our seats as The Mystery Machine embarked on yet another adventure. But the best part was always when Scooby and Shaggy would manage to steal time and create one of their epic sandwiches and finish it off in one go!
Try: Mediterra’s Veggie Sandwich has peppadew peppers that are like cherry tomatoes with a piquant touch. Thinly-sliced fresh vegetables, hummus and feta make it a great creamy-crunchy combination (reserve now).Fine Dine Love


Jughead and burgers, Popeye and spinach, Garfield and lasagne – some cartoon characters are inseparable from the foods they love to eat. Did we forget your favourites? We’re happy to receive reminders in the comments below.

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