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All You Need To Know About Sparkling Wine

28 Aug , 2015  

feature image sparkle week

“I drink it when I’m happy and when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I’m alone. When I have company, I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I’m not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise I never touch it. Unless I’m thirsty.” –       Madame Lily Bollinger   If connoisseurs are to […]

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A quick guide to fine dining terms that you probably didn’t know

31 May , 2015  

No more confusion

Dining at a fancy restaurant, especially a French one, can be a rather confusing endeavour for those of us who don’t really speak the elegant language. We thought we would help you enjoy your gourmet dining experience without having to worry about the meaning of an elaborate word, by compiling this list of 10 confusing […]

Dining Etiquette

Has fine dining changed from the way we knew it?

3 Apr , 2015  

Fine Dine Myths

Fine dining culture is on the rise. A few years back, fine dining was for those special nights on those special occasions that warranted a ‘fancy’ experience. Indeed, fine dining was and is ‘fancy’. Surrounded by a shroud of suspicion and wariness, fine dining has sourced certain ‘myths’ about its characteristics such as- fine dining […]

Dining Etiquette, General, Restaurants

5 Tips to Get the VIP Treatment at the Restaurant

19 Mar , 2015  

Because being special is more than being coveted

VIP treatment by the restaurant staff is pretty rare if you’re not a celebrity, a fellow industry person, regular customer or best friends with the chef. But it is not unheard of. It is vital to remember that the restaurant staffers are quite quick to pick on the customers who get to have a taste […]

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Did You Know the Dissimilarities Between American and European Dining Etiquette?

12 Mar , 2015  

Dining with Finesse

You are probably already aware of the two predominant dining styles across the globe. These are the American Dining Etiquette and the European Dining Etiquette. An interesting fact about dining etiquette, the American dining style was originally the European dining style. Often called the ‘zigzag style’ of dining is comparatively slower than the European style […]

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5 wine etiquette that will get you invited to the next wine tasting party

11 Mar , 2015  

Wine tasting made easy

Wine tasting is an extravagant affair. You get to enjoy complex flavours of wine over scintillating conversation with like-minded people. Even though there is no wrong way to enjoy wine, there are certain “do’s” and “don’t’s” of wine tasting. Here are 5 surprising “do’s” for wine tasting so that you never look silly at a […]

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7 International Dining Etiquettes that you probably didn’t know about

5 Mar , 2015  

International dining etiquettes

Etiquette is an essential part of your social conduct. It signifies class, sophistication and a respectable upbringing. Etiquette in dining is the x factor that sets you apart from the crowd. Nobody wants to invite the person who talks with his mouth full, right? Dining etiquette differs from place to place. What is considered to […]

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