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Droolicious Coffee Flavours That Will Drive Away your Monday Blues

29 Feb , 2016  

Can there be anything more satisfying than that first sip of coffee in the morning? We think not. The struggle of dragging oneself out of bed, ESPECIALLY on a Monday morning is very real. And forcing a smile or dealing with other people before getting your morning fix? You’ve got to be kidding!

While there are purists who wouldn’t touch anything but black coffee, there are others coffee lovers who wouldn’t mind experimenting with a whole lot of innovative flavours. Which type are you?

We’ve got you unique flavours that will not only add spice to your morning cuppa but might just make you want to reach out for a second one.

ButterFine Dine Love

This may seem strange, but people now add butter to their coffee instead of sugar and milk. Some even drink it as a replacement for an entire breakfast! It is said that unsalted butter from grass-fed cows contains vitamins, prevents heart disease, burns fat and is even a quick alternative to oatmeal. No, we haven’t tried it yet.

CoconutFine Dine Love

Coffee gets a tropical twist with a dash of sweet and smooth coconut milk. This non-dairy drink is rich, full bodied and strong. Can you think of a better way to daydream of a beach vacation while working at your desk than by breathing in the mingling aromas of coffee and coconut?

Ice CreamFine Dine Love

A refreshing drink for a hot summer’s evening – a scoop of smooth ice cream drowning in a cup of hot espresso is more like a dreamy dessert than a shot of caffeine. An instant mood booster, we say.

Spicy TacoFine Dine Love

A unique mix of taco spices and meaty flavour, this non-traditional flavour of coffee is weird and wonderful. For those craving some heaty Mexican flavours or spicy taco taste to awaken you on a Monday morning, this is a great alternative. What say?

Banana SplitFine Dine Love

Like a party in your mouth, the banana split flavoured coffee is deliciously thick and drool-inducing of course. The aroma of coffee and the undertones of chocolate and fruit makes this drink something you’ll go bananas over (sorry, we just had to say that).

Apple Pieapple pie and coffee at cafe winkel in amsterdam_x960

Hot chocolate is passé. With a hint of butter, cinnamon and apple, this one is the comforting drink you should be reaching out to on a cold winter morning.

PS: Buy a packet of these beans at any of  the Dunkin Donuts outlets.

WhiskeyFine Dine Love

Before you get excited and start planning “coffee breaks” with the colleagues, we should probably mention that this drink contains absolutely no alcohol. Crafted with 100% Arabica beans that are infused with the flavours of Jack Daniels, we’re sure the aroma of coffee and whiskey will give you just the right amount of high for a productive day at work!

PS: Jack Daniels flavoured coffee beans are available online.

Maple BaconFine Dine Love

Jumping out of bed will be easy when you have a hard to resist maple and bacon flavoured coffee to look forward to! The flavours of crispy salted bacon and sweet maple syrup awakening your senses is possibly the best way to wake up. Bacon lovers, do you agree?

If you do manage to get your hands on any of these or end up creating it yourself, how about you invite us over? We’ll get the cookies, promise.

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