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Get Cheesy: 11 Cheese-Loaded Dishes In Bangalore You Must Try

13 May , 2016  

Cheese-Loaded Dishes in Bangalore for Fine Dine Love

Through the ages, cheese has evolved from a simple commodity to one of the most versatile foods in the twenty first century. Its subtle yet gooey flavor makes it a fan-favourite across all generations. For all those craving something cheesilicious, here is a list of Bangalore’s best cheese-studded dishes: Cheese Platter at Fava (reserve now) […]

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Cheese Trip: Eat Your Heart Out With These Cheesy Appetisers

9 May , 2016  

Fine Dine Love

The love affair with cheese spans from a rich breakfast to creamy dessert. If you’re having a party, skip the chips and dips. Here are some embarrassingly easy cheese appetizers that will get the party started and impress your guests. After all, anything gooey and artery-jamming is bound to be raved about! Fried Cheese Sticks […]

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Get Cheesy: 16 Cheese-Loaded Dishes in Mumbai You Must Try

4 Mar , 2016  

Fine Dine Love

Cheese is an essential part of most comfort foods, especially at peak gooey-ness (to get technical). So, in honour of all the oozy mac and cheeses and extra cheese pizzas that have gotten us through the tough times, here’s a list of Mumbai’s cheesiest indulgences. 1. Mac and Cheese with Goan Sausage at Sassy Spoon […]

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7 Cheeses from Around the World and Where You Can Try Them in Mumbai

13 Jan , 2016  


As far as indulgences go, there’s nothing quite like cheese to hit the spot. There’s comfort to be found in the road-side vegetable cheese grilled sandwich, those desi pizzas topped with mountains of Amul cheese, and a steaming plate of cheese pav bhaji, but there are times when cheese from a tin just won’t do. […]

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Cheese Trip: Blue Cheese

1 Jul , 2015  

Featured image blue cheese

Chances are that blue cheese might make you cringe, given its strong and powerful smell. But there are higher chances of falling head over heels in love with this cheese once you’ve tasted it. Present in delicious salad dressings and dips, blue cheese is slightly bitter in taste. Blue cheese is believed to have been discovered […]

Cheese Trip

Cheese Trip: Gruyere 

27 Jun , 2015  

Cheesy Trip

Fans of P. G. Wodehouse will recollect a typical breakfast scene in novels featuring Bertie Wooster and his brilliant butler, Jeeves. Bertie extols the virtues of the coffee, attributing it to the fact that the milk came from contented cows. And what cows on earth could be more contented than the Swiss cows? Acre upon […]

Cheese Trip, Recipes

Cheese Trip: Mozzarella 

12 Jun , 2015  

FDL Cheese

Most people’s first tryst with mozzarella cheese comes when they bite into a heavenly slice of pizza. Mozzarella cheese is a favourite among pizza makers because it’s malleable, melts easily and is rich and creamy. Due to the universal appeal of pizza, the mention of mozzarella instantly sparks off pleased reactions around the world. However, […]

Cheese Trip

Cheese Trip: Parmesan 

3 Jun , 2015  

Featured Image for FDL Parmesan Cheese

Boccaccio, in his famous book, “Decameron”, invents a ” mountain, all of Parmesan cheese“, in which “dwell folk that do nought else but make macaroni and ravioli…..” Sounds like a very decadent style of living, huh? I cite this in support of the general theory that Parmesan cheese was created somewhere in the Middle Ages, and […]

Cheese Trip

Cheese Trip: Brie

13 May , 2015  

Brie cheese

Last night I had a delicious brie and salmon pizza, cooked to perfection in a nearby Italian eatery. Most of my friends turned up their noses at the pizza – literally, because the brie was just too stinky. Unfortunately for this cheese, it’s infamous the world over because of its smell, which has been likened […]

Cheese Trip

Cheese Trip: Gouda 

11 May , 2015  

Featured Image for FDL Gouda

Goudse kaas, if you want to say it in Dutch, means “cheese from Gouda”. It’s the face of Dutch cheese, if you could call it that. And if you want to pronounce it as the Dutch do, it’s ” howda”. Today, gouda cheese is produced in many countries and has become a generic name for […]

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