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Cheese Trip

Cheese Trip: Gouda 

10 May , 2015  

Goudse kaas, if you want to say it in Dutch, means “cheese from Gouda”. It’s the face of Dutch cheese, if you could call it that. And if you want to pronounce it as the Dutch do, it’s ” howda”.
Today, gouda cheese is produced in many countries and has become a generic name for cheeses produced in this manner. Gouda is a relatively sweet cheese, as some of the milk sugars are removed early to prevent excess lactic acid from being formed.
In India, we are yet to see a large-scale appreciation of cheese, though the trend is slowly changing and there are cheese and wine-tasting parties, which we used to read about in the books of PG Wodehouse. To us, all cheese is just, well, cheese. And we’re apt to turn up our noses at cheese as a “fattening” food, conveniently forgetting that there are many things in our diet that are far more fattening, for instance, samosa. But cheese, especially gouda cheese, has many health benefits that we’re apt to overlook. Did you know that cheese can help you sleep better? It contains tryptophan, which reduces stress and helps you fall asleep. It’s also a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals which contribute, among other things, to a healthy retina and a glowing skin. Oh, and the Dutch were among the shortest people in the world a few centuries ago, spawning many uncomplimentary and oft lewd jokes about Dutchmen. But today they stand tall , mostly because of a cheese-rich diet, high in calcium, which builds strong bones and healthy teeth. Dentists should, in fact, recommend cheese because it keeps the mouth germ-free and reduces plaque formation.
For children who are fussy about milk, cheese is a good option. In fact,we should be saying cheese more often, and not just for photographs.
1.Gouda fruit appetiser:

An unusual way in which you can incorporate gouda into your parties.
2.Chicken Cordon Bleu with Gouda

Delightful chicken and gouda with tangy mustard.


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