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Cheese Trip: Eat Your Heart Out With These Cheesy Appetisers

8 May , 2016  

The love affair with cheese spans from a rich breakfast to creamy dessert. If you’re having a party, skip the chips and dips. Here are some embarrassingly easy cheese appetizers that will get the party started and impress your guests. After all, anything gooey and artery-jamming is bound to be raved about!

Fried Cheese SticksFine Dine Love
How can one resist mozzarella sticks that have been coated in a simple seasoned batter and deep fried to golden perfection? Sprinkled over with oregano seasoning and served with tomato ketchup, these are a hands down party favorite and chances are they won’t be sitting around on a table for long. A delicious twist to this starter is called ‘Bacon Wrapped Mozzarella Cheese Sticks. Need we say more?

Cheese Quiche Fine Dine Love
A beloved and easy snack for entertaining a crowd, a stellar quiche needs some eggs, cheese and whatever toppings take your fancy. Go savory with a mushroom and cheese quiche or bacon and brie, or sweet by layering on some sweet potato! A crumbly crust coupled with cheese is an irresistible combo!

Cheese Bruchetta Fine Dine Love
Grilled and toasted, drizzled with olive oil and buttered. What could be make this classic appetizer better? How about some grated parmesan cheese, a dollop of cheese or just some cheesy dip? A sprinkle of oregano and chili flakes, sundried tomatoes or even some baked beans are a few of the options one has to add some punch!

Bite-Sized Cheese PizzaFine Dine Love
Fresh pizza dough, some mozzarella cheese and some fabulous toppings are enough to create little two bite-sized pizzas that have you coming back for more. Load on simple toppings like golden corn, ham, sausage bits and mushroom to set the mood right if you have an Italian feast to follow. After all one can’t go wrong with pizza!

Garlic Parmesan Cheese BombsFine Dine Love
If you’re ready to throw caution (and calories) into the wind, you’ll relish these bite sized scrumptious treats. Sink your teeth into these freshly baked buns and have molten cheese flow into your mouth. You can also add chicken– but the simple garlic-parmesan combo is so darn good!

Fig and Goat Cheese CrostiniFine Dine Love
If you’re in the mood for something elegant, pair up tangy goat cheese or brie with the sweetness of fig and a sprinkle of thyme. This flavorful combo is sure to impress your guests and it pairs perfectly with a glass of bubbly! Sublime!

Ham, Cheese and Spinach PuffsFine Dine Love
Picture this! A hot, flaky puff pastry laden with cheese, bits of smoked ham and spinach! Dipped in sauce, it’s the perfect pairing with a cup of tea, an easy mid-day munchie or party starter. Other varieties include cheese and egg, bacon and cheese or Nutella and cheese! Hard to pick one, right?

Three Cheese Devilled EggsFine Dine Love
Goat cheese, cheddar and parmesan mashed together with an egg yolk and piped back into the egg white is an ever-so-creamy appetizer that will surely kick the party up a notch. It’s an amazingly versatile finger food that you can experiment with. Try adding in some blue cheese, topping it with chives or bacon bits. Devilled eggs pair well with everything!

Cheese FriesFine Dine Love
It needs no introduction as this dish is comfort food at its best! Slather some fries with melty cheese of various types to arrive at this swoon worthy, no frills party snack!

Forget calories for a day (we hear they don’t count on weekends) and whip up some of these cheesy delights for a fun get-together!

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