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Bite Sized Delights: All You Need to Know About Dim Sum or Sushi and Maki

3 Jun , 2016  

Japanese Food Photography Sushi for Fine Dine Love

They say the best things come in small packages, and for anyone who’s a fan of dim sum or sushi, never were truer words spoken. But if you’ve ever confused the two or wanted to know what all the fuss is about, here’s a handy guide on the these two bite-sized wonders: Dim sum Dim […]

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Chutney, Prawn and Corn Bake by Bawi Bride

29 Jan , 2016  


I’ve said this before and I will say it again – I love coconut and even more I love green chutney. Given how versatile Green Chutney can be, I am always prone to making too much of it aspiring that I will use it for vegetarian sandwiches, in chutney-eeda pattice, with my Dhandar and other […]

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Most Expensive Seafood Delicacies around the World

22 Oct , 2015  


For many, seafood is synonymous with luxury. And what may be considered luxury for some is an outrageous fortune for others. Sure, you can go out and spend $60 on an extravagant seafood meal for the family, but why be shellfish and stop there when you can order a lobster for $1000? Here’s what the […]

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Catch of The Day: Cuttlefish

12 Aug , 2015  

Cut(e)le Fish!

Cuttlefish is the heroine of our story, as the presenter of our Sri Lankan recipe tells us. And a most unlikely heroine, if you go by looks. But our star player makes up for it with no mean intelligence. I mean, can you surpass a fish that throws off predators by releasing ink in their […]

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Catch of the Day: Tuna Times

22 Jul , 2015  


We all know and love tuna in its commercial form – canned tuna. It could be in oil, brine or water and sometimes in different flavours or textures like chilli or flaked. Put it in some veggies, add some mayo, stick in between two pieces of bread and voila – you have a sandwich that […]

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Catch of the Day: Trout-landish

18 Jul , 2015  

feature image trout

Close in appearance and structure to salmon, trout is a lighter fish and is best consumed fresh. It’s a fairly versatile fish that can taste good with pretty much every technique – baking, grilling, or frying. Here are 6 delectable recipes that we’ve fished out for you! Trout That’s right, this recipe is so deliciously […]

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Catch of the Day: Fret not, Pomfret 

11 Jul , 2015  

Pomfret Times

As a new bride, I remember being bewildered by the sounds of the fish-monger calling,”poplate” outside our flat in Chembur. It took me awhile to register that he meant,”pomfret”, because I was used to the Tamilian, “vaaval” or the Malayali,”aavoli”. It’s only recently that I pieced together the fact that “poplate” stems from the earlier […]

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Catch of the Day: Mighty Cod

7 Jul , 2015  

Cod-y for the win!

Say cod, and chances are that most Indians of a certain generation will think of cod liver oil, widely believed to be instrumental in magically adding inches, if not feet, to one’s stature. It was even worth ignoring the accompanying burps, which were, well, decidedly fishy. But there’s more to cod than that. It’s the fish […]

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Catch of the Day: Paint the Town Red (Herring)

21 Jun , 2015  

Featured image red herring

The Red Herring or Herring is a forage fish, which means that it’s a small prey fish. Consumed as a delicacy in many countries, the Herring is usually oily in texture and has a strong, rich salty taste. The ways of cooking this fish are numerous, some of which include techniques like smoking, grilling and fermenting. When […]

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Catch of The Day: All About The Bass

7 Jun , 2015  

Featured image bass

Another member of the fish family, the Bass is a freshwater species, which is also some times found in salt water.  ‘Bass connoisseurs, though, prefer the fresh water catch. A flaky white fish, the Bass has a somewhat mild flavor and tastes fantastic in every form – grilled, baked or fried – and teams up […]

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