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Paower Players: The Best Bread Starters in Mumbai

25 Jun , 2016  

Representational image only

A good bread basket is one thing, but for those looking to carbo load early on in the meal, we’ve got a list of Mumbai’s best bready starters — from baos to paos, sliders to cones, fondues to crostinis, and everything in between — just for you:   The Not So Bada Pav at 145 […]

Bread Basket, Mumbai

Well Bread: Mumbai’s Best Breads and Where to Find Them

10 Jun , 2016  

Fine Dine Love

There are a few things as pleasing in its simplicity as a freshly baked loaf of bread. From its fragrance to its taste, good bread can turn the drabbest meals around, create a morning person out of a grump, and make or break a sandwich. So if you’re looking for a bakery to buy your […]

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Sunday Baking: Easy Peasy Pesto Rolls

13 Mar , 2016  

pesto-rolls-recipe.1024x1024 (5)

While we’re all dying in the crazy heat in Mumbai, I think I might have stumbled upon a silver lining to this crazy situation… bread making! Any kind of yeasted dough rises like a dream in this hot and humid weather, making this the ideal weather to bake homemade breads. I usually cover the dough […]

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Seekh Kebab Focaccia by Bawi Bride

14 Dec , 2015  

My mom brought a bread machine in NZ a while ago and since then she’s been just ga-ga about it and become all earthy by baking a new kind of bread loaf every weekend. This Bawi bride ofcourse doesn’t have a bread machine, but it inspired me to get some yeast and try making my […]

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Thanksgiving Bread by Bombay Foodie

26 Nov , 2015  


India does not have a Thanksgiving tradition. But then, tradition or not, what’s the point in ignoring a festival devoted almost entirely to eating and shopping. As a vegetarian, the turkey meal at thanksgiving is not of much interest to me. But there are so many sides to pick from and so many variations on […]

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Lessons in Bread Baking by Bombay Foodie

16 Nov , 2015  


I remember the first time I baked bread. It was a pizza, and I was nervous as I followed the recipe exactly, wondering if the yeast will work at all and if the dough will rise. Fast forward a few years, to this bread I baked last week. I warmed some water, added a bit […]

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Bread Basket: Naan

28 Jun , 2015  

Naan for the win

If there’s one Indian bread that cuts across all barriers of language and geographical boundaries, it has to be the naan. Soft and puffy, crisp and flaky, buttery or plain— there’s no accounting for the ways in which people love their naans. The British may have conquered and ruled over us for several centuries, but […]

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Bread Basket: Baguette

24 Jun , 2015  

FDL Baguette

Each day, every breakfast table in France is scattered with a variety of breads, cheeses and cold cuts. But, out of all the varieties of bread, the one that the French arguably love the most is the baguette. With a crisp, yet yielding crust, the baguette is the perfect bread to layer cold cuts onto […]

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Bread Basket: Brioche 

1 Jun , 2015  

Featured Image for FDL Brioche

“S’ils n’ont plus de pain, qu’ils mangent de la brioche”, This oft-repeated sentence is commonly translated as, ” If they have no bread, let them eat cake.” History has been rife with speculation about the author of this unfortunate and irresponsible statement. It has popularly, if you could describe it thus, been attributed to the […]

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Bread Basket: Pita 

21 May , 2015  

FDL featured pita

If you’re a fan of Middle Eastern food, then you’re familiar with pita bread which is popularly used as wraps in shawarmas, falafels and sandwiches. It’s also used as base for pizza, or simply eaten after being dipped in hummus. Perhaps pita bread is so popular in cuisines across the Middle East because it is […]

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