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24 Jun , 2015  

Each day, every breakfast table in France is scattered with a variety of breads, cheeses and cold cuts. But, out of all the varieties of bread, the one that the French arguably love the most is the baguette. With a crisp, yet yielding crust, the baguette is the perfect bread to layer cold cuts onto or spread a dollop of pate over.


The “baguette de tradition francaise”, or the baguette made in the French traditional style is made from wheat flour, yeast and salt. Baguettes made in a non-traditional style may use rice flour and add milk, butter and sugar to the dough mix. If, however, you’re insistent on making baguettes in the traditional way, try this easy recipe courtesy Laura Vitale.

Now that you’ve got a supply of fresh baguettes, try using them in these recipes for delicious, fulfilling meals.

1) Egg Baguette Bake


Bored of your usual bowl of oatmeal for breakfast? Try this recipe and breakfast will become your favourite meal!

2) Tuna Baguette Sandwich


Have this healthy, tasty sandwich on-the-go for lunch or dinner.

3) Grilled Mushroom Baguette


This recipe teaches you how to make a popular Polish street food and yields a vegetarian French and Polish fusion that is absolutely delicious!

Whether you’re using one of these recipes or simply eating a piece of baguette smeared with butter, we guarantee that the baguette will soon become one of your favourite breads. Enjoy!

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