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Beer-a-thon – Challenge extended!

11 Sep , 2015  

Beer-a-thon – Challenge extended!

There’s no comfort zone quite like the one you share sitting around drinking beer with your gang. It’s the best time to relax and unwind. These sessions often lead to fond reminiscing about how you got kicked out of class in school/college or to good-natured grumbling about your evil boss at work – the usual, familiar chit-chat that can only be shared by truly close friends.
Okay, it’s time to shake things up a bit. You can whine about your boss any time. For those nights that need to get a little crazy – check out these awesome beer games. Go nuts – maturity is overrated. dropdeadgorgeous

Psst. For best results, stock up on beer and kickass company.

Slip & Sip

How to play: Deny it all you want – but we all believe we have a hidden star inside us. You’re lying to yourself if you say you’ve never pretended to be Beyoncé or Bryan Adams and rocked that empty shampoo bottle. So here’s your chance to debut your talent. Grab your karaoke machine, choose a song and sing your heart out – and every time you mess up the lyrics, you chug your beer. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Here’s the twist – you’ll be singing with a blindfold while your friends keep a tab on the lyrics!

Boing Flip!

How to play: All you need is a cup, a coin and a couple of drinks (vodka, beer, rum – everything works.) Gather around a dining table, set the bottles and the cup in the center. You flip a coin and guess the outcome while it is in the air. If you guess it right – you get to add a drink of your choice in the cup placed in the center of the table. If you don’t – you need to chug the drink in the cup. (That’s right, bottoms up!) Keep passing the coin to the player sitting next to you. You can choose to quit whenever you want. The last man standing, wins.

Bust a move

How to play: Sit in a circle and fix a gesture for yourself (Eg. Jazz hands, finger on your lips, salute etc.) When you’re done – show it to all the players. Now begin clockwise – and shout out the name of a random player. Everyone has to imitate the gesture fixed by him/her. If you fail to imitate correctly – you know what to do!

Never Have I Ever…

never ever
How to play: If you haven’t lost your dignity playing this game in college – you will now! Gather all your friends and sit around a dining table. Start with the phrase – Never have I ever and follow it up with something you have never done before. For eg. Never have I ever been alone to the Prom. Anyone who has been to Prom alone – has to guzzle down his/her drink. The amount to drink has to be predetermined before the game.
Evil Tip: You can say “Never have I ever worn mascara on my eyes” or “shaved my face” (so on and so forth) & make the opposite gender drink.

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