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Beat The Heat: Unique Mumbai Ice Creams to Try this Summer Vol II

3 Apr , 2016  

Ice cream season is upon us again! And while traditional flavours remind us of childhood and sunshine, it’s also a great time for invention. If you’ve missed it, here’s where we started off listing some unique flavours of brain-freeze inducing guilty pleasures. And now, we continue:

Sucres Des Terres at Worli
A name that’s not as familiar as it should be, Sucres Des Terres is a gourmet ice cream company dishing out gorgeous ice cream mason jars. Alphon So Crazy (Mango), the Dark Side of Ginger (candied ginger and dark chocolate) and Caramel –A–Salt are just some of their stunning, creations.Fine Dine Love


Green Chilli Ice Cream at Bachelorr’s
No sweet tooth? No problem. Everyone’s favourite midnight ice-cream joint has the perfect solution – Green Chilli Ice Cream. You won’t see the chillies, but its fiery flavour packs a punch!Fine Dine Love


Sea Salt and Truffle Ice Cream at Yukka
Sigh… good things don’t come cheap and the Sea Salt and Truffle Ice cream is yet another reminder. At Rs. 850 per bowl, this ice cream highlights the much sought after truffle flavour in three accompanying tofu balls coated in sesame for a little texture. Delicious!Fine Dine Love


Masala Chai Popsicle at The Bombay Canteen
Mumbaikars can’t get enough of chai which is probably why this one is such a hit. The Bombay Canteen’s Masala chai popsicle consists of our favourite beverage on a stick, served with biscuit crumbs and caramel sauce.Fine Dine Love


Kolkata Meetha Paan Ice Cream at Amaya Indian Grill and Kitchen
If the dessert-or-tea dilemma wasn’t torturous enough, we also have another after-dinner coin toss — paan or ice cream? Both, we say! Kolkata Meetha Paan ice cream has a little gulkhand, some sultanas, shredded betel nut and coconut. Freshness overload!Fine Dine Love


Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream at Kofuku
What a delicious way to make a healthy beverage super indulgent! Green Tea Mochi Ice cream is made by pounding sticky rice with an ice cream filling and green tea flavours.Fine Dine Love


Mishti Doi Ice Cream at Masala Library
An innovative spin on a Bengali classic, Mishti Doi now comes chilled and on a stick, like a lollipop. It serves as a refreshing palate cleaner after a hearty meal.Fine Dine Love


Pani Puri Sorbet at Papacream
Here’s another delightful place doing wonders with the humble ice cream. Pani Puri Sorbet served with crisp pani puri baskets piped with airy potato mousse is just one of their famed treats. They also have bizarre concoctions like Sushi ice cream that’s eaten with chopsticks, Mexicano (Mexican nachos served with cheddar cheese and jalapeno flavoured ice cream), Horlicks ice cream with Nutella pancakes and more.Fine Dine Love


Blueberry Ginger Vodka Ice Cream at Drunken Cream
There’s no shortage of alcohol infused ice cream, especially in this eye-popping flavour. Blueberry, ginger and vodka come together to tickle your every tastebud.Fine Dine Love


Chocolate Truffle and Whiskey Ice Cream at Gallops
This heady dessert is one you won’t want to share.Fine Dine Love


Bubbling Kulfi at Spice Klub
Watch theatrics come into play with you order the Bubbling Kulfi. Served in a flask with liquid nitrogen, the kulfi is accompanied by five different types of sauces – rose, rabdi, caramel, chocolate and blueberry. Molecular gastronomy at its finest!Fine Dine Love


There you have it – 11 creamy ways to cool down this summer (and more from Vol I). Where are you headed to first? Comment below and let us know!

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