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Beat the Heat: Unique Mumbai Ice creams to Try This Summer Vol I

28 Mar , 2016  

Ever seen someone look sad while eating an ice cream? Me neither! With the mercury rising in Mumbai, we have more reasons to scream for ice cream. Forget the mundane vanilla and strawberry. This summer, we suggest upping your game with these adventurous flavours:

Macaron Ice Cream at Le15 Patisserie
When two desserts meet, the result can only be described as ‘Sweet Harmony!’ Macarons and ice cream combine in this drool-worthy ice cream loaded with macarons. They come in various flavours like vanilla bean, dark chocolate and coffee.Fine Dine Love


The Big Bang Theory at Joss
If a simple cup of ice cream doesn’t cool you down, head over to Joss for a grand display of the planetary system on your table top. Ice cream and meringue planets, stardust, orbits and more are arranged and garnished to perfection. In the centre is a sprawling chocolatey, fruity bomb that you can only hope to conquer on your own. Call for back up!Fine Dine Love


Strawberry and Balsamic Ice Cream at The Sassy Spoon (reserve now)
Weird and wonderful, here’s a combination that will have you diving in again and again. Sweet-tart strawberry and balsamic flavours will cause a passionate rapture in your mouth. Other interesting flavours are red velvet and sassy guava. Fine Dine Love


Bacon and Olive Oil Ice Cream at Mariott Juhu
Need another reason to eat bacon? Well, here it is! Hand churned, house-made ice cream containing chunks of bacon and smooth olive oil. Need we say more?
Fine Dine Love


Beer Popsicles at The White Owl (reserve now)
We love this modern take on a childhood favourite. The White Owl offers freshly brewed beer turned into ice lollies and served with a base of butter cookie crumbs. This is one time it’s OK to drink and drive!Fine Dine Love


Blue Cheese and Honey Ice Cream at Caramel Carousel
Featuring the bold flavours of blue cheese and soothing mellow honey, we guarantee you’ll be relishing every spoonful of this life-changing ice cream flavour.
Fine Dine Love


Chai Ice Cream at Masala Library
If you’re the kind of person who chooses a sip of tea over dessert at the end of a meal, look no further. A home-made chai ice cream topped with cutting chai foam and served with masala cinnamon cookies may be just what you’re looking for. What’s more? It’s even served in a tapri-style chai glass!Fine Dine Love


Chocolate Symphony at The Table
You don’t need to look at the menu to know what to expect. Loaded with chocolate, this purely decadent dessert has scoops of chocolate ice cream on a bed of chocolate, garnished with pralines. Every bite will have you swooning!Fine Dine Love


Cookie Ice Cream at Ellipsis (reserve now)
Yet another childhood favourite turned infinitely times better – the cookies and cream ice cream is even more delightful at Ellipsis. There’s no right time to go indulge in one, except now!Fine Dine Love

Drunken Waffles at Indigo Deli
Counting calories? You may need to skip the Drunken Waffles as it comes loaded with rum and raisin and chocolate ice cream, granola, jelly and fresh cream. That’s not all — it comes topped with generous amounts of rum anglaise. Drunk on happiness? Totally!Fine Dine Love

How many of these have you tried? Did we miss any of your favourites? Stay tuned for Vol 2.

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