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Bakers Delight: Croissant Love

29 Jul , 2015  

Green, rolling pastures. Contented cows looking up dreamily from chewing the juicy grass. The sound of distant bells in the hills. Snow-capped peaks swathed in puffy white clouds. Blue, blue skies. Now, top that with a fresh croissant off the oven and you have found your little piece of heaven.

Croissants, as any blue-blooded Austrian would tell you, were first made in Vienna to celebrate a victory in war over the Turks. They were made in a crescent shape to denote the Turkish national emblem, which was a crescent moon, so that, by consuming the bread, they were symbolically devouring the Turks. The same story is told in Hungary, except that it celebrates a Hungarian victory. The French would have it that they first made it in France to satisfy Marie Antoinette’s craving for a similar bread called kipfel, that was made in Austria, her country.

Howsoever it may be, devotees of the croissant will tell you that it matters little. The flaky, melt – the – mouth pastry, by itself or with fillings, makes for an unparalleled breakfast, washed down with coffee.

Though it’s possible to buy packets of croissants from our local departmental stores and heat them in our microwaves, there’s nothing like making your own. Try these for a start, and you’ll be hooked for life.

1.How to make Croissants:

Laura Vitale, ever so charming, does admit that this is not as simple as her other recipes. But it’s worth trying, because it’s such a therapeutic and soul-satisfying process. And the aroma that wafts from the kitchen when it’s baking is nothing short of heavenly.

2. Chicken-stuffed Croissants:

You need not be stumped by their requirement of Pillsbury crescent dough. Just use Laura Vitale’s basic croissant dough from the first recipe. We did, and it tasted great.

3. Nutella Croissants:

Laura Vitale is back, with this super-simple stuffed sweet croissant. Nutella oozing out of flaky croissants–— can it get better?

4.Crab A Licious Croissants:

Some seafood, for a change, draped in creamy sauce and stuffed into a croissant with its lid lifted off. Sure to lift your spirits.

5. Sausage Cream Cheese Crescent Rolls:

We chose this because it’s got a little bit of savoury, a little bit of sweetness in the cream, and altogether makes for a bite-sized piece of goodness!

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