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Around the World in 10 Dumplings

9 Mar , 2016  

Sweet, savoury, fried, steamed or boiled, dumplings are a much-loved snack the world over. With stuffings, textures and techniques varying from country to country, clearly, no culture can let go off this comfort food. Here’s a look into the world of dumplings:

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1. Ravioli from Italy

Small, delicate dumplings created by sealing together two thin layers of pasta sheets – Ravioli is an integral element of Italian cuisine. Stuffed with chopped meat, ricotta cheese and/or vegetables, the ravioli is served slightly al-dente either in a broth or a rich pasta sauce.

2. Pierogi from PolandFine Dine Love

The national dish of the Polish, Pierogis are fluffy, pillow-like dumplings that are extremely versatile. They can be stuffed with potato, minced meat, cheese, fruit, sauerkraut(finely chopped fermented cabbage) and even baked into a casserole layered with cheese, bacon and onions.

3. Pelmeni from RussiaFine Dine Love

The heart of Russian cuisine, the Pelmeni is made of unleavened dough stuffed with a variety of fillings like pork, beef, lamb, fish or mushroom and is usually accompanied with sour cream, butter, mustard or horseradish.

4. Semmelknodel from BavariaFine Dine Love

Soul-satisfying bread dumplings, Semmelknodels are often served as sides, to soak up and devour a rich pork gravy. Usually stuffed with onions, parsley and nutmeg, these boiled dumplings are an inseparable element of Bavarian cuisine.

5. Char Siu Bao from ChinaFine Dine Love

A current rage in the city, the bao consists of delicately flavoured, shredded barbeque pork tucked away in a fluffy, steamed bun. This sweet and salty treat is a crowd favourite and a bestseller in most local bakeries in China. It’s also been localised to include vegetarian and chicken versions, served at various eateries in India.

6. Runsas from GermanyFine Dine Love

A soft, yeast dough bun stuffed with ground beef, cabbage and cheese, Runsas are traditionally served at the Oktoberfest and are a great on-the-go meal. One more reason to visit the Oktoberfest. No?

7. Samosas from IndiaFine Dine Love

Of course, this piquant and flavourful street food needs no introduction. Deep fried to perfection, these triangular dumplings are crisp on the outside and are stuffed with a mixture of spiced potatoes and vegetables, served with a tangy chutney at tea time or just about any time of the day.

8. Potstickers from ChinaFine Dine Love

What sets these popular dumplings apart from the rest is that they are fried on one side and simmered in broth on the other side. Also known as Jiaozi, these delicious snacks can be dunked in spicy dipping sauce and eaten hot or cold.

9. Empanada from Latin AmericaFine Dine Love

Ground beef, hard boiled eggs, olives, chicken, mashed plantain or fruits and custard – Empanadas can be baked or fried and are guaranteed to lift your mood with their flaky outsides and juicy stuffing.

10. Souskluitjies from South AfricaFine Dine Love

A traditional dessert served to finish off a weekend lunch, Souskluitjies are made of eggs, flour, sugar, butter and baking powder and are usually served with a bowl of sweetened cinnamon sauce. Best when eaten piping hot, these dumplings are a sneak peek into dessert heaven, we think. Simple yet so indulgent!

Although we’ve just touched the top of the dumpling iceberg, the list goes on. Let us know your favourites in the comments below!

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