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7 Unique & Awesomesauce Desserts In Mumbai

15 Oct , 2015  

Remember when our idea of decadence was a Dutch Truffle Pastry, a molten chocolate cake or a jam roll? We should probably term that era as ‘Sugar Renaissance’ because those desserts just don’t make the cut anymore.

Chefs today are re-inventing classic childhood treats with modernist techniques, ditching traditional cakes, custards and pies and whipping up unclassifiable, inventive and whimsical desserts!

Hey, who’s complaining?

Here’s a list of eye-popping dessert creations in Mumbai, worth saving room for. If it makes you feel any better, you can read it while walking on your treadmill.

The Flower Pot at Jamjar Diner

Image Credit – Where Wear

Image Credit – Where Wear

Don’t let the stalk of flowers fool you. The contents of this flower pot are completely edible!
Digging into grainy Oreo crumbs, muddy fudge brownies and soft marshmallows is super indulgent and every bite has a surprise in various textures. This is every quirky dessert lover’s dream come true.

The Big Bang Theory at Joss

Image Credit – Follow the eaten path

Image Credit – Follow the eaten path

This dessert, places the world at your feet – I mean plates. Creme brulee planets, orbits in mango, chocolate and strawberry sauces, crushed nougat sprinkled stardust, and stars made from meringue. The earth is portrayed by a meringue bomb that explodes at a tap of your spoon, to release cream, ice cream and blueberry coulis. Words just don’t do it justice.

Ghewar Cheesecake at Masala Library

Image Credit – Miss Malini

Image Credit – Miss Malini

Whoever thought of substituting the cheese in this cheesecake is a genius. Ghewar is a Rajasthani sweet comprising of flour, ghee, khewra (aka Pedananus), milk, butter, sugar, almonds, pistachios and green cardamom. It’s topped with rabri and garnished with pistachios for added texture. This one is a sure shot trip seventh heaven.

Gulab Nut at Bombay Canteen

Image Credit – We Are Mumbai

Image Credit – We Are Mumbai

If you like your desserts spiked, this fusion treat is right up your alley. A donut shaped gulab jamun stuffed with pista cream and soaked in Old Monk flavoured sugar syrup. It’s an interesting twist to the Baba Au Rhum.

Green Tea and Poppy Cookies at Icing on Top

Image Credit –

Image Credit –

Ah, the irony of taking something healthy and turning it into something as addictive as these. Mini cookies moulded from poppy seeds, infused with green tea, covered in sugar and baked. They’re delightfully chewy and incredibly scrumptious.

Masala Chai and Pistachio Cake at Icing on Top

Image credit – Mid Day

Image credit – Mid Day

Icing on Top is known for uniting tea lovers and dessert enthusiasts with their sugary inventions. This crumbly cake is made with pistachio meal and infused with spices of Mumbai’s first love – Masala Chai. Sticking to just one slice will be a futile attempt.

Bubbling Kulfi at SpiceKlub

 Image Credit - Burrrp

Image Credit – Burrrp

Ever heard of ice cream that bubbles? Bubbling Kulfi at SpiceKlub is something out of the ordinary indeed. Beautifully theatrical, this rich kulfi is served in a flask filled with liquid nitrogen. Drizzle chocolate, rabri, salty caramel or blueberry sauce over it to suit your palate.

Got any more unique desserts I must try out? I’m all ears!

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