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7 Chocolate Recipes from the Gourmand 

14 Apr , 2015  

When God made chocolate, He surely had future YouTube videos in mind. With a photogenic ingredient like this, it isn’t so hard to get it right, both in the looks department as well as taste. It’s a colour that makes things like whipped cream and strawberries stand out better. Whether you want to be a ‘vicarious’ cook, or whether you really want to take it to the next level and try out some, these videos are just right for you chocoholics out there ——–
10 best chocolate truffle recipes

This is one recipe that really looks luscious enough to eat! Anne Reardon demonstrates different kinds of fillings for chocolates, including strawberry, coconut, caramel, jam, dappled white and dark chocolate—– her repertoire seems endless! The instructions are truly comprehensive, and the filming is of exceptionally high quality, so chocolate aficionados can go have a ball – literally.
Chocolate Vegan Tarte

The presenter uses unusual ingredients like Irish moss, cocoa butter and cashew to create this delectable tarte. He is quite laid back and takes his time to get to the point, filling in with snake dances and playing of exotic instruments, but it seems worth the wait, because the tarte looks good and you’ll not miss the flavour or taste of eggs in it. The filling is quite good too. The audio quality is poor in parts, but he sweeps you along with his passion for what he’s doing.
Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheese Tart

Robert Lambert takes us effortlessly through this no fuss tart. It’s got a lovely combination of chocolate and raspberries, so it looks great as well. He’s added some signature touches, such as his own raspberry champagne jelly and dark chocolate sauce. We’ll have to be satisfied with raspberry jam and make our own chocolate sauce, I guess.
Chocolate Cheesecake Cookies

This is truly a charming video, charming because of the flaws in the video quality and not in spite of them. The presenter’s three toddlers are conspicuous by their prattle and childish lisps. Wherever possible, she substitutes sugar, maida, and similar ‘unhealthy’ ingredients with natural and organic produce. Her measurements are also very clear. Looks like you can’t go wrong with this one.
Chocolate Nutella Pizza

Whew! This one whizzes past you like an express train. This one’s for the lazy chefs among us, but, looking at the combination of ingredients, you can’t go wrong with this one. Though, since readymade pizza dough is not available in the stores here, we should substitute with readymade pizza bases. The idea of grated white chocolate, to look like cheese, is a good one.
Gluten free Chocolate pudding

This chef suggests gluten-free self-raising flour, but if that’s not available, you could still make it with regular flour and I’m sure it will be every bit as tasty. It’s for those times when you’re doing a whole lot of other things and can’t spend too much time making dessert, but still want one that looks and tastes good.
Chocolate Steak

Some might wrinkle up their noses at this strange combo, but what’s gourmet food without some out of the box ideas? The presenter calls it a chocoholic’s and carnivore’s dream come true, and he’s most likely hit the nail on the head. He ‘massages’ the meat to get the marinade in, and that sounds like the right thing to do, if you want your steak juicy and spicy.

So, whether your preference in recipes is easy-peasy or medium complicated, healthy or decadent, there’s surely one for you in this collection. Rock the choc!

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