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6 Gourmet Dessert Recipes for Every Kind of Sweet Tooth

16 Mar , 2015  

Desserts are not just sugar and fluff, they are beautiful dishes designed to make you fall in love with them at first bite. Love making desserts as much as eating them? Here are 6 amazing desserts you can make at home with ease and come out as a top chef amongst your people. There’s a recipe to suit all occasions and cater to all sorts of sweet toothed people who visit you.

1. Cheesecake


A piece of this creamy, cheesy goodness can you send you into a world full of everything that is good. A baked cheesecake gives you a warm fuzziness that indulges your taste buds and takes you on a ride you’d never be able to access . If you don’t have an oven to make a baked cheesecake, try making a no bake cheesecake. The eggs are the differentiating ingredient that marks the difference between the consistencies of either.

2. Panna Cotta 

Panna Cotta is essentially a pudding of cream, gelatin and fruit. It hails from Italy and it never fails to delight you. Extremely light and the jello like consistency of the cold cream dessert is simply heavenly. Every mouthful will have you singing praises of this classic dessert.

3. Pavlova

Feather light meringue dressed in beautiful thick whipped cream and topped with fresh citrus fruits. The Pavlova is was made in honour of the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova for her visit to the land Down Under and New Zealand. The dish’s origin is a debate between the two countries even today but everybody knows that the chef who first created it wanted to create a dessert that was as light as the ballerina was on her feet. And if you still haven’t had a bite of this dessert it is about time you did. The recipe is simple and nothing can beat the feeling of your first bite of the pavlova cake.

4. Sorbet

The lighter brother of ice cream, sorbet is pure fruit, ice and sugar. The sorbet is a glorified version of the ice gola you’ve had as a kid. The difference being a sorbet is not as unhealthy as your childhood summer favourite. The lemon chili sorbet is one to try if you get the chance. Make a sorbet at home with this simple recipe to keep your family and guests cool on a hot summer’s day get together. This is a versatile little dessert everyone appreciates.

5. Lemon Meringue Pie

Similar to the pavlova but with the twist of a pie. There is meringue in this dessert as well but the pie has a biscuit crust that is topped with some delicious fruit curd and finished with a meringue. Slightly more time consuming but absolutely delicious. The Lemon Meringue Pie is for those who love a little bit of tang in their desserts. Sometimes it’s not always about the sweetness about a dessert, sometimes the little surprising factor such as a tangy taste will take you a long way with dessert.

6. Chocolate truffle

These little bite sized mint chocolate truffles not only taste delicious but are also absolutely beautiful to look at. Don’t make them too large or you won’t be able to simply pop one into your mouth and indulge in the minty smooth chocolate. Perfect for after dinner chocolates, they are not too heavy and the soft mint flavour will leave you relaxed and happy.

7. Chocolate Mousse cups


Feather light mousse that simply melts in your mouth and takes you to a world of everything sweet and nice. The soft texture of this dessert will ensure that anyone who has it will love you for giving them that blissful feeling of being loved with every bite.

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