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6 Best Boutique Beers in India

29 May , 2015  

When it comes to good beer, boutique beers might corner the market. By definition, the term boutique beer can only be applied to beer made in small quantities, usually less than 10,000 barrels/kegs per year. This style of beer craftsmanship produces some of the best beer in the world. Beer aficionados and casual beer drinkers will agree on the better taste and higher quality that results from a boutique or craft beer.
Because boutique beer is produced in such small quantities, the brew masters can focus more on the qualities of the brewing process as well as the ingredients that go into each batch of beer. This style of beer is not mass-produced, and even the most casual beer drinker will be able to notice the difference. In other words, it’s like your grandmother baking a cake for you as opposed to buying a cake from a big bakery. Craft beers are brewed all over the world in small microbreweries. Many of these breweries only sell their beers on site or in limited qualities to local vendors, bars, and restaurants. Those with more entrepreneurial spirit may even offer their products online, often shipping their beer to customers all over the world. Because of the small size of most microbreweries, you are almost always guaranteed a better beer. 
The ‘Brewpub’ culture – a bar with a small brewery on the premises – is fast growing and here are the 6 best boutique beers of India that you have to try if you don’t want to settle for anything but a perfectly brewed pitcher of beer.

windmills-craftworks-beerWhere: Windmills Craftworks, Bangalore
Hefeweizen is a beer made from hops imported from Germany and with a flavor that’s tart and fruity. It’s served at Windmills Craftworks that is a craft brewery. It houses a jazz theatre, a library and some of the finest boutique beers in town.
Old Tom

old-toms-yeast-india-companyWhere: Yeast India Company, Mumbai
Brewed in the UK’s niche Robinson brewery and distributed in India by a group of three young men who call themselves the Yeast India Company, Old Tom is a unique strong ale. The bottle looks like a typical design by Edwardians, complete with a cat’s head as the mascot. The flavors pack an equally distinctive punch.

howzzat-brewery-gurgaonWhere: Howzatt, The Galaxy Hotel – Gurgaon
With an option of being served in two different sizes of mugs, the Doosra is a brusque lager that goes down smoothly. Throw in some fresh finger food to enjoy a match in this overwhelming cricket-themed bar with your folks.
Like That Only

gatewayWhere: Gateway Brewing Co., Mumbai
Mumbai’s only microbrewery has put out an excellent blonde ale ideal for consuming on a hot summer afternoon. It’s a session beer, which means that it is light enough to drink all day and has enough flavors to make each swig a delectable experience.
Belgian Wit Wheat Beer

EV658423_20141223152753Where: The Biere Club, Bangalore
A light palate cleanser from one of Bangalore’s first brewpubs – The Biere Club – the Belgian Wit Wheat Beer is subtly spiced and pairs well with their Moorish prawns.
Michael Faricy’s Irish Stout

arbor-brewing-companyWhere: Arbor Brewing Co., Bangalore
The Indian counterpart to one of Michigan’s oldest breweries does an especially creamy Irish stout with an amazing combination of a smoky and chocolatey flavor. It is brewed locally using the same recipe that won a gold medal at the 1998 World Beer Championships, beating even stalwarts like Guinness and Murphy’s.

An absolutely enticing list isn’t it? Don’t worry you’re not alone because we’ve been there too and the good news is that we have a solution! So join us as we quench our beer thirst at The WowTables Craft Beer Fest.

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