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5 Tips to Get the VIP Treatment at the Restaurant

17 Mar , 2015  

VIP treatment by the restaurant staff is pretty rare if you’re not a celebrity, a fellow industry person, regular customer or best friends with the chef. But it is not unheard of. It is vital to remember that the restaurant staffers are quite quick to pick on the customers who get to have a taste of being VIP. They won’t obviously tell you so but the on-the-house items are just the surface of the special treatment. Read on to know our five tips to help you get that very special treatment at a restaurant.

1. Be the nicest customer in the room

This one is downright obvious. Would you rather be the slob who is loud and obnoxious about the waiting time or the gentleman who waits patiently with a smile of understanding? If you choose to be the latter, word will travel fast and you can be prepared to be served by the best of staff members. The servers are not your servants, they are here to serve you food; be polite. Remember the way you behave is the way they will behave with you.

2. Drink like a veteran

No surprise, restaurant staff and the chef drink a lot. And if you don’t know your alcohols, simply ask for what they serve in the whiskeys and bourbons, there is bound to be something you’d want to try. If you happen to choose a particularly uncommon but great drink, knowingly or not, you might just be lucky enough to have a treat from them in the form of an amuse-bouche or maybe a complimentary cocktail.

3. Order like a boss

Don’t ask for modifications in a dish. Not that it can’t be customised for you, but it’s best to trust the kitchen staff’s judgement on why the dish has those ingredients particularly. Have you ever eaten food that has no salt? Exactly, like salt, every other ingredient is present for a reason. If you have dietary restrictions, first inform your waiter and then ask for dishes that you can safely have. Also, if you are a meat eater, try to order other than the chicken dishes you think are foolproof. Try to ask your server’s opinion about a couple of dishes and if he has a suggestion you may want to go ahead and place an order for it. High chances are that he’ll get you the best tasting dish in the kitchen.

4. Ask smart questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the drinks or the food. But definitely put a hold on your excitement. It is one thing to be excited about dining out and quite another to go overboard with excitement. If you don’t understand something that looks interesting on the menu, go ahead and ask. Your interest in the food will get them to help you decide on a good course.

5. Don’t be a social disaster

Try and refrain from bragging, acting like you own the world, ask questions that won’t make you look silly, put a lid on your excitement and most of all engage your server, don’t jump on his head like you would on a moon-bounce.

The most important tip at the end of everything is to never, we mean it, never expect to be treated special. You may do everything right on this list but it is not a guaranteed pass for VIP treatment. Finally don’t forget to thank your servers and the maître’d on your way out and grab a business card to place a reservation for next time!

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