Fine Dine Love: Healthy beer benefits

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5 reasons why beer is actually good for you

7 Jan , 2016  

It’s been demonized for so long that it’s unfair. Beer should spell nothing but happiness, yet it’s been made to take the blame for everything; from beer-breath and too many trips to the bathroom to that dreaded beer belly.

But is it really bad for you? Well, anything in excess tends to have a bad effect but when it comes to beer, that might not be entirely true.

Here’s the good news, are you ready? Beer it turns out is actually good for you. And not just in the “drink a glass a day to keep the doctor away,” manner. If you still seem to be having trouble believing us, take a look at these 5 reasons why beer might actually be good for you.Fine Dine Love: Healthy beer benefits

1. It helps you lose weight: Yup, you read that right. Unlike the myth that it makes you fat, beer actually is pretty low in calories and carbs and has zero fat or cholesterol. The beer belly phenomenon comes from the bulkiness of this drink, and it tends to stretch the stomach lining. The solution is simple, do 10 or 15 stomach crunches for every glass you imbibe.

2. It gives you vitamins and minerals: We love them B vitamins, which are responsible for good hair, good skin, good bones and a healthy brain. And our body uses up minerals like magnesium as well as those amazing antioxidants the way a Maserati guzzles fuel. Beer is chock full of all three of these essentials.

3. It’ll protect your ticker: Heart disease is alarmingly on the rise among younger folks and our stressful lives aren’t helping any, either. Drink up to keep that amazing machine in great shape, since beer can reportedly decrease your risk of heart-related problems by a cool 25 percent.Healthy beer benefits

4. It’ll prevent diabetes and kidney stones: These are two conditions slowly taking over the current population at a shocking rate. That they seem to be particularly affecting those who tend to enjoy the good life is just cruel. Tilt the scales in your favour, and go make friends with that pint.

5. It can make you look gorgeous: No, not in the way you think. You should be wary of ‘beer goggles,’ a term referring to how even otherwise unattractive people look good after too many brewskis, but that’s not what we’re on about. Putting a bit of beer on your face can control breakouts because it regulates the oiliness of your skin. And beer contains malts and hops, which makes your hair stronger, cleaner and shinier.Healthy beer benefits

According to the powers that be at the CDC in America (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), their dietary guidelines suggest that you should ideally not hit more than a pint or at best, two a day. So drink responsibly, and now that you have 5 good reasons to tap that keg, happy chugging!

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