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5 Most Expensive Chocolates in the World

14 Mar , 2015  

Chocolate, one word that turns a frown upside down. Not many of us can share our chocolates even if they’re cheap and freely available. A chocolate, by far, would have created as many fights as it would have resolved. A chocolate is part of our lives whether you celebrate an occasion or are in dire need of a mood lift. Most chocolate that is easily available is nothing compared to a gourmet chocolate. A piece of chocolate that is hand crafted to tease your taste buds and tingle your senses such that you curl your toes in delight; you have to taste one to know one. Here are 5 of the world’s most expensive chocolate.

1. To’ak Chocolate – US $260


Made from the harvest of a patch of trees that are the last of their kind in the world, this chocolate contains 81% chocolate and needs to be eaten with a pair of special wooden tongs that come in the box. And you thought chocolate was just popped into your mouth without special tools. Only 574 bars were made because of the limited harvest.

2. Knipschildt Chocolatier’s Madeline Truffle – US $ 250


Truffles are expensive. This chocolate truffle is made with truffle that costs nothing less than US $ 1000. It contains 71 % single bean chocolate. The chocolate takes 24 hours of folding in of the ingredients to make it the little beauty that it is. Truffle and dark chocolate put this delight in the most expensive list.

3. DeLafee Gold Chocolate Box (8 chocolates) – US $ 330


There is chocolate on the one hand and then there is gold. Somebody realised that 24 and 23 karat gold is edible when consumed as gold dust or flakes. Adding to the price of this box of chocolates are, gold leaves that are painstakingly applied individually by hand and a Swiss gold coin that was minted between 1910 and 1920. 8 chocolates infused with gold with a Swiss gold coin and a box of wood draped in silk.

4. Debauve & Gaillas’s Le Livre – US $ 550


Bonbons, truffles, gold coins, white chocolate bars and chocolate chips all in one ‘book’. That’s right the ‘Le Livre’, which means the book, was made to commemorate the chocolatier’s 200th anniversary. The box, made of gold embossed leather, is in the shape of a book that will send you back as early as the 16th century.

5. Godiva G Collection – US 120$


The Belgian Chocolatier introduced 15 artisan quality chocolates comprising of different ingredients such as Tasmanian honey and Mexican hot chocolate. The fifteen chocolates form one collection and the flavours of each are worth dying for.

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