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4 Chocolate Liqueurs You Must Try

15 Mar , 2015  

One of the top pairings with wine is chocolate and from there we moved onto infusing different liquors with chocolate. A common mistake people make is to confuse chocolate liqueur with chocolate liquor. No, they are not interchangeable as you might have imagined. Chocolate liquor is basically cocoa beans that are ground and melted to become a thick liquid form, whereas chocolate liqueur contains alcohol.

Often had as a dessert, directly as a drink or as an ingredient in a cocktail or desserts such as cakes and chocolate truffles, chocolate liqueur is most certainly not a new invention; history even traces it back to the 17th century C.E. A simple search will lead you to many recipes to make your own chocolate liqueur. But the chocolate liqueurs from the brands below are what you must try at least once.



One of the best chocolatiers of the world, Godiva has three flavours of liqueur chocolate – the Dark Chocolate Liqueur, The Milk Chocolate Liqueur and the White Chocolate Liqueur. The dark chocolate is the original bitter chocolate liqueur and the milk chocolate is the sweetest and priciest of the lot at US $33 for 750ml.

Mozart Distillerie


With blends of Belgian chocolate and vodka, this liqueur is known for its distinct foil packaging. The company makes six flavours – rose gold, chocolate cream, white chocolate cream, dark chocolate, chocolate vodka and chocolate bitters. The Rose Gold Chocolate cream was the most recently introduced liqueur.

Sabra Liqueur


An Israeli liqueur, the Sabra Liqueur is a chocolate-orange liqueur that is bitter when warmed and chocolatey when chilled a little. This liqueur comes in a long necked, short and stout bottomed packing design which will throw you back into the years when the Phoenicians first had wine.

Vana Tallinn


A rum based liqueur that can be had as a shot, on the rocks or in coffee, it is a very strong liqueur. It is recommended that one should be extremely cautious while consuming this liqueur because the sweetness of the alcohol disguises the effects of the alcohol. It is believed that one shot of this liqueur will have you feeling jelly-legged.

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