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3 Gourmet Recipes for the Slow Cooker

10 Apr , 2015  

With the fast pace of life today, it’s ironically, slow cooking that’s gained in popularity. In our grandmother’s times, there were many hands to help in the kitchen, so they were able to get things chopped and ground and simmered and stirred patiently and to lay out a huge spread on the table – slow cooking, in a different kind of way, if you please! But the harried woman/man of today wears many hats. There’s neither the time or the wherewithal to spend endless hours in the kitchen. For argument’s sake, we can say that there are more modern and time-saving amenities in the kitchen today than before. But that’s neither here nor there. All gadgets, time-saving or otherwise, require that we be there to operate them. Now, if only there was something in which things could be assembled and left to simmer and cook for hours on end, which could switch itself off and keep the finished dish hot and inviting at the end of the day——-now, that’s precisely what slow cooking is all about. A boon to modern humanity.
Read on for some delicious slow cooking recipes. “Crock-pot” in the West is what we in India call the rice cooker, but otherwise, things are the same:

Slow winter vegetable soup

A fabulous recipe. I can remember my brother calling and asking for one pot recipes when his wife had broken her ankle, and I really wish I had had this at my command then.. The purists might grumble that vegetables cooked in chicken stock can hardly qualify to be called vegetarian, and the finicky will definitely balk at the generous heaping of garlic,but there you go. You can’t please everyone, can you? And what’s more, he calls it slow winter vegetable soup, thus not specifying whether it’s vegetarian or not. At the end of the day, it’s a wholesome one pot meal to look forward to, because it’s got the right mix of proteins ( lentils and chicken broth) as well as the goodness of the veggies.

Slow cooking beef casserole

This recipe comes to us from someone who loves food, because his enthusiasm is so infectious. This slow-cooking beef casserole is definitely worth trying. I did, toning down the garlic, because I had to visit a sick patient after that. Also, he used tomato paste out of a bottle, while I made my own. For us Indians, this might be very bland. We can add lashings of our own spices, and oodles of chilli flakes to give it that extra zing.

Slow-cooker whole roast chicken

For those who are not adventurous enough to try beef and pork, but who still love their chicken. This recipe does the classic whole pot roast chicken with an oriental touch, and that’s what adds more zest to it. Most of us Indians love Chinese, so this should be a smash hit in our kitchen. We could cut down on the oil, though. I had it with jasmine rice, and I turned off the cooker before the gravy all dried up, as I was too lazy to make hot sauce to pour over it. The gravy was delicious, and it moistened the rice nicely.

So there you are – a variety of tried-out and tested slow cooker recipes that should make you want to try more on your own, or even devise some for yourself. The key is innovation, as there’s no one right way. Whatever works best for you, is the right one. Dare to be bold!

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