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10 Finger Foods at the Gourmet’s Table

7 Mar , 2015  

Finger foods should be called, ‘Scrumptious, bite sized food sent from the Gourmet Gods’. So ditch those forks and knives and reach for these mouth watering delights with just your fingers. Here are ten you’ll find in the gourmet’s menu.
1. Satay Chicken Skewers
satay chicken skewers finger food
Simply put, these are diced and grilled or barbecued chicken pieces that are laced on a skewer and served with a peanut sauce. The chicken can be replaced with other meats or even cottage cheese for vegetarians. Easy to eat with fingers and absolutely mouth watering delicious.
2. Miniature Lamb Pie
miniature lamb pie finger food
Meat pies are simply amazing. And when they come as tiny miniature pies they’re even more amazing. A miniature pie will be barely larger than your index finger and is not at all messy for finger food!
3. Moroccan Chicken Balls with Yoghurt
moroccan chicken balls with yoghurt
Minced chicken balls infused with paprika, cumin and black pepper, shallow fried and served with cool yoghurt. Does that ooze of delicious or what!
4. Smoked Chicken Tart
smoked chicken tart
Smoked chicken that bursts after the crumbling of the tart crust it is another commonly seen finger food in the gourmet’s kitchen. A smoked chicken tart is the younger brother of chicken pie.
5. Lamb Kofta
lamb kofta
This juicy red meat is minced and shaped into long sausages and laced on individual skewers which are baked and served with mint chutney. These are perfect for summer as red meat doesn’t create much heat like other meats.
6. Frittata
frittata finger food
Pizza style dough that is baked and served with jalapenos and cheese in bite sized portions that is so delicious the meat lovers will want to have some too!
7. Sun Dried Tomatoes with Feta Tartlets
sun dried tomatoes with feta tartlets
If you’ve had sun dried tomatoes before you’ll know the tomatoes taste heavenly. Add to these beauties a little bit of feta cheese and a nice bottom crust that will crumble as soon as you pop it into your mouth and you’ll love being a vegetarian.
8. Onion Cheese Puff
onion cheese puff
Basic and minimalistic, caramelised onions and cheese puffs are a classic finger food you’ll find everyone trying to make for their parties regardless of whether the occasion is fancy or casual.
9. Mini Lasagne
mini lasagne
Alternating layers of pasta, cheese, and meat is everyone’s favourite in Italian cuisine. A complex dish to assemble, it is elegant in its miniature form and will woo your taste buds.
10. Potato Wedges and Sour Cream
 potato wedges and sour cream
Another classic dish is potato wedges with sour cream. Some bake the wedges, others roast and some others choose to deep fry it. Whichever way it is prepared, a potato dish with sour cream rarely can go wrong!

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