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10 Decadent Spots in Bangalore for the Perfect Cupcake

21 Jun , 2016  

When the cupcake revolution was launched, they took the dessert world by storm. Years later, they are still the top selling item in bakeries across the globe. These tiny cakes, wrapped in beautiful paper cups, topped with smooth and creamy frosting, and adorned with myriad sprinklers are not only a sight for sore eyes but an immensely fulfilling treat for anyone with a sweet craving.

In recent times, Bangalore has been the stage for some of the most unique and flavourful innovations in cupcakes. So, in honour of all these, from the Gulkand cupcakes to the Baked Rasgulla cupcakes, here is a list of Bangalore’s exceptional cupcakes:


Rose Cupcake – The Sugar GoddessFine Dine Love
There a certain air of romance in this cupcake. Small, petite and absolutely beautiful to look at, this gives a modern interpretation to such a classic flavour. The finely crafted rose on the top is the real star — a crunchy contrast, that adds a whole new dimension to the dish. 


Ginger and Chocolate Cinnamon Cupcake – Butter CupFine Dine Love
I’m a nightmare dressed like a day dream”
Taylor, you couldn’t be more right. Except we’re talking about a cupcake here. When you first look at it, you think that it’s an ordinary chocolate cupcake. Creamy, filled with chocolate and a sweet delight. What you don’t expect is that when you take your first bite, your tongue is set on fire. Spicy and zesty, welcome to the world’s first savoury cupcake.


Whiskey Crème Cupcake – Mrs.K Cupcakes

Representational image only

Representational image only

For those of you looking for something quirky and fun, this is the cupcake for you. A fluffy chocolate or vanilla cupcake with a whiskey laced buttercream frosting. Definitely makes for a funky addition to a party. Mrs. K, take a bow.


Strawberry Swirl – Battered UpFine Dine Love
This dessert shop has cupcakes that will make you croon with joy. It was tough having to choose between all of them. But the Strawberry Swirl takes the cake, literally! One little bite is all you need, and it will quickly become one of your all time loves.


Angry Bird Cupcake – The Cupcake CompanyFine Dine Love
As you may have inferred from the name, this shop is all about cupcakes. Home to some of Bangalore’s most innovative cupcakes, it is also the creator of the fan favourite – The Angry Bird cupcake.  If you ever make someone angry, this is the perfect way to apologize. You can’t help but have your heart melt when you eat these adorable cupcakes.


Carrot Caramel Cupcake – Cupcake NogginsFine Dine Love
Carrot, nuts and raisins cupcake with a salted cream cheese frosting. If you’re craving cupcakes but are calorie conscious, then this is the best choice. A staggeringly delicious cupcake that will leave you coming back for more.


Santa Cupcake and Piglet Cupcake – Butter Side UpFine Dine Love
A game changer, for sure. From Santa to pigs to minions, they have a wide array of selections to choose from. Their cupcakes will invoke nostalgia and bring out the inner child in you. One small bite of gooey bliss.


Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcake – The Sugar GoddessFine Dine Love
Another brilliant creation from The Sugar Goddess. A miniature cupcake version of a timeless classic – The Strawberry Cheesecake. Need we say more?


Apple Cupcakes – Spoonful of Sugar

Representational image only

Representational image only

Sometimes, the simplest cupcakes are the best ones. One of the first cupcakes ever, this continues to be adored and worshipped by generations hence. A baker’s delight and a foodie’s joy, this cupcake is magical. If you’re ever feeling down, you can count on this to cheer you up. Comfort food at its cupcakey finest.


Rainbow Cupcake – The Dessert IslandFine Dine Love
Bright vivid colours. Moist, soft cake. Fluffy and creamy frosting. A multi-coloured rainbow on top.  Not only does this cupcake paint a dreamy picture, it also leaves you drooling just at the thought of it. It only gets better when you have a bite — heaven on a plate.


From wedding to birthdays, cupcakes are here to stay! Which ones will you be indulging in first? Have a fun, cupcake filled day!

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